Highlighting Irking Issues


Following the first Hostel Management Committee meeting, many problems attracted the attention of authorities while some other lay unattended. Many pending issues still irks the boarders while new ones have cropped up. Team MM caught up to Chief Warden Prof. R K Patel regarding clarifications and mitigation of problems.

Common Hall Issues

MM: The long pending dog menace still persists. Please elaborate on your steps to solve this?
MM Suggestion: We suggest that steel bars on ground be installed outside the main entrances and mess doors similar to the ones placed outside Government offices.
CW: Yes, this is a very problematic situation. I have been in touch with the municipality. They still have not appointed a veterinary doctor. Because of that, they are unable to do anything. But, they told us sometime back that within 15 days, a veterinary doctor will be appointed and the dog squad will be dispatched as soon as possible. About the suggestion, we will look into it. Since there are so many entrances to a Hall, it is difficult to implement this. The security guards have been instructed to be very vigilant about this.

MM: Garbage disposal is a very big problem in all the Halls. The dustbin near Homi Bhabha Hall is still on the entrance. What steps have been taken on this regard?
CW: The contractor for this purpose has changed recently. They have to pick up the garbage twice a day. If they have not been doing so, I will see to it that the situation improves. I can assure you that by the next HMC, radical changes will be observed.

MM: The water logging near the bathrooms and near the hostels is very common. Due to construction defects, puddles are being formed. What are your plans in this regard?
CW: Yes, I will definitely look into this. On Monday, I will call the Civil Engineer from Estate Department to the Hall and go with him to resolve this problem. Also, to prevent water logging near the entrance, we have floated a tender for the covering the bare areas in CVR with grass.

MM: Cleaning personnel are few in number or they work irregularly. Since cleaning of rooms is a basic necessity, please clarify your stand to solve this?
CW: I have seen many of the rooms in very bad condition. We have floated a tender for this purpose. From October 1st, all the rooms will be cleaned at least once in a week and the ceilings and cobwebs will be cleaned at least once a month. The work will be done mechanically. Last year we were really embarrassed when the NBA team inspected the hostels and found them in a really deplorable state. The boarders will give their signatures to ascertain that the work has been done. It is a request to all boarders that they must not pay the cleaners for the work. They have the right to this service. If anybody asks for money, inform us and we will take strict action on this. Regarding separate quarters for the cleaners, we will look into it. Actually, there is a great crunch on room availability. But, we will see to it soon.

MM: Water coolers in the Halls are present but many are not working. Doors of bathrooms still haven’t been fixed in HB hall. Please comment on this.
CW: Time and again I have told the boarders to bring these issues to our notice. All the maintenance secretaries have been instructed to inspect the coolers and aqua guards and bring the problems to us. We have a complaint register here, and students are free to write all the complaints. Water coolers and geysers will be given due attention. The geyser near A and B block of Homi Bhabha Hall will be repaired within a week. I will call a meeting of the Maintenance Secretaries and instruct them to inspect all the geysers, aqua guards and coolers. You can inform us about the problems. You can send a mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The repairs will be done within 24 hours. About the fixing of doors, we have only one carpenter. If the damage to the door is major, it will take at least a week to repair. But for small damages, we can do it within two days.

MM: The mess workers in MSS Hall of Residence have a washing machine for washing their uniforms. What is the status of washing machine for the boarders?
CW: In the last HMC meeting, we discussed this. We received a proposal for MS Swaminathan Hall about the procurement of the washing machine. I am waiting for the proposal to come from all the halls. The person who will operate this will come under the affairs of the Hall. Commercial grade washing machines will be procured from IFB. And for repairing of the washing machines, I have already given the work order to the company. They have informed that the repairs will be done within this week.

MM: Price rise has plagued the boarders: be it the laundry or the canteen. What is the stipulated time within which the prices will be fixed?
CW: For this type of problem, we formed a committee in the last HMC meeting. We have both students and faculty as members. The fare of the auto rickshaw will be fixed. They are charging arbitrary amounts from the students. The committee will fix the prices for laundry, night canteen, juice centre and day canteen. Some of the guardians have also requested to provide milk in the canteen at night. The decision will be finalized before 10th September. I will expedite the process and the decision will be finalized soon. The price list, after finalization, will be put up in every night canteen, mess, and day canteen and juice center. The final prices will be decided by Friday.

Recent Issues
MM:  There are some issues which came up in the previous week. A snake was found on the first floor of VS Hall.
CW: I was not aware of it. I will look into it. The carbolic acid is being sprayed. For insect control, we have procured mechanized pesticide sprinkler. I have given instructions to spray it in all the halls especially in CVR/KMS, Homi Bhabha and VS Hall. They have to be sprayed in all the toilets and outside. As for the insect killers, I will take care of it. More will be procured and installed.

MM: The walls and ceilings are soaking. On rainy days, the ceiling even leaks sometimes. Even in the D Block of CVR Hall. Please suggest some solution?
CW: I did not know that. Tell me the room number and ask the concerned person send me a mail. The ceiling was washed last year. But it seems the condition has not improved much. The problems seem to be in the construction. We will try solve this problem.

MM: There has been an outburst of diarrhoea in Hall 7. Many people have been ill probably because of unhealthy drinking water.
CW: I was not aware of this. The water is definitely the cause. We have UV system in the aqua guards. We tried to go for RO system some time ago, but a lot of water was wasted. The water from the faculty residence area is being diverted to the Hall due to shortage. I will ask the aqua guard candles to be changed every 15 days. I will look into matter.

Ladies’ Hostel Issues
MM: The CVR gym has not yet started. The items have not yet been procured while they have arrived for KMS gym, but it has not started yet .When can we expect this to happen?
CW: Yes, the order has been placed for CVR gym. The items will arrive soon. The warden office of KMS is now functioning from the gym room, since the office was converted to a dormitory. You can consult your warden and move the gym to the spacious common room. You can talk with your secretary regarding this.   

MM: Shoe racks were promised for every two rooms in the CVR and KMS Halls. When can we expect it?
CW: I am very happy to announce that the designs have already been sent and we expect to hear about it soon from the Estate Office.

MM: A very sensitive issue of this semester: the in-time of C V Raman and KMS Halls of Residence have received its share of attention and discussion. Please tell us something on this matter.
CW: I had a discussion with the General Secretary of both the Halls regarding this. One of them proposed that the entry time be increased to 11pm while the other had the opinion that 10pm is fine. Some students asked about the genesis of this rule.  So, I want to clarify certain doubts surrounding it. The biometric attendance system that is being put up in all the Halls of Residences is not only for CVR and KMS Halls of Residences, but also for all the Halls. We feel that that it is for the students’ safety, they should inform the Hall authorities if they are staying out late at night. This is being done for the safety of the students. Even the guardians are concerned about this behavior. My opinion is that, we must draw a line. For emergencies, we will keep a record of those who are going out. For first year students, we want them to stay within campus premises after 9.30pm. This is for their safety. Also, when the students decide to stay out late, we want them to go in groups and give us at least two phone numbers, so that we can contact them. The boarders are allowed to stay late at night for academic purposes. But they must take appropriate permission.  I will discuss about this with the Director, present him with the views of all the people involved and ask for his decision. This will be discussed again in the next HMC. Till now, nothing serious has taken place, but that does not mean it cannot happen in future. So, necessary precautions are required. Till now, has it happened that a boarder has been denied entry? It hasn’t. So, the boarders can stay in peace that no rule is being made to harass them. However, regarding the seizure of ID cards, at any point of time, the security personnel do not have the right to take any student’s ID card.

The interview ended with asatisfactory smile on the face of the Chief Warden, the reason being successful organization of Ganesh Puja & the revival of Snacks in hall mess.