The Unresolved Predicament

With the post festivities sluggishness, the students return to the daily life of NITR. A home away from home, the halls of residences sure have a special place in every boarder’s heart. Thus, team MM caught up with the Chief Warden, Professor R K Patel, to catch up on some recent developments and enquire about previous promises assured to the students.

The Power Supply problems

MM: Power cuts are taking place very frequently. This is very troublesome for the boarders. Please shed some light on this issue.

CW: You see, the institute is undergoing a transitional stage, with the 33kV line work going on. Therefore these power outages are taking place. The line is not yet connected to the grid, therefore, when there is power cut in Chhend, it is also taking place here. The line has come from Chhend directly. The hall area has been connected to this 33kV line. Because it is in a testing mode, this is taking place.

MM: It came to our notice that all the hostels are connected to the same backup facility. Is not possible to provide all the halls with their individual backup?

CW: No, you see this is not possible practically. We need more manpower to operate the system. So we cannot adopt this system. Except SSB hall, all other halls are connected to the same facility. Unless there is a total power cut, the generator will not run. Since SSB is connected to the institute power supply. After the line is connected to the grid we can expect consistent power supply for all the halls of residences.

MM: In the Technology Avenue, street lights are working but they are not being switched on. The students rick accidents, especially dog bites, while travelling in that area.  

CW: We have instructed the electrical people to see that there is no tripping of power in the hall areas. Every night I get phone calls regarding this. Due to overloading, we are facing this problem. So we want to cut the power consumption, at least till the time 33kV line has been properly installed. We are taking all possible measure to avoid tripping during the night. Even the lights of the stadium is being switched off. All these problems will be solved after the installation of the 33kV line.

Hygiene Issues

MM: The dog menace continues unabated. The students are in danger of getting bitten. Also the dogs fight among themselves and get injured. 

CW: Yes, this issue has been discussed in detail with the Director and even in HoD and Dean’s meetings. It took place on 8th of this month. To reduce the dog population, we have approached the Rourkela municipality for a veterinary doctor. They have complied with our request and have agreed to send the doctor. I understand the concern of the students, will definitely solve the problem soon. We request the students not to feed the dogs. This is the prime reason why the dog population is thriving. 

MM:  Garbage disposal is still a very big problem. The waste is not being properly disposed and is allowed to lie here and there. The dogs often feed from there and roam free in the campus. What has been to solve this problem?

CW: The contract is given to one person to pick up garbage from the institute and the hall area. Priority is given to the hall. We are very vigilant on this issue. We want the system to work smoothly. I will direct the person in charge to look into this matter immediately.

MM: There is problem of cleaning in the upper floors of the halls. Often they are dirtier than that of first floor and ground floor.  

CW: We have procured portable cleaning machines in each and every hall. These machines clean better than that of manual work. As you can see, the entrance of VSS and GD Birla Halls are very clean. However because of its heavy weight, it is being problematic to carry to the upper floors. We will procure smaller ones, so that the cleaning is faster and proper. These can be carried over to the uppers as well. I don’t think there is any hygiene issues with the mess area anymore. But, still then I will direct the cleaning personnel to wipe the floor frequently in the place where the boarders wash their hands. 

MM:  We requested a separate room for the cleaning personnel to keep their equipment. They throw them haphazardly and make the place really dirty. 

CW: I will instruct them to keep their equipment elsewhere and provide them a separate room. This work will be done by Monday.

MM: You promised that the cleaning personnel will clean the rooms of the students, starting from October 1st. However, the work has not started yet. What has been the reason for the delay?

CW: Yes, the work order has already been passed. We had holidays from 1st October to 7th October. The hard copy of the order has not yet been given to the contractor. It will be given by Monday. The people who will be working, their details will be kept. The corridors, the floor, walls and ceilings of the rooms will be cleaned every week. They have been instructed to take the signature of the occupants of the room. No leniency will be shown towards any dereliction of duty. I request it through Monday Morning that the students must be aware of the system and report any discrepancy. 

MM: There is severe water logging and water seeping problem in many halls. The walls are getting soaked, even in the newly built parts. 

CW: The estate office is supposed to look into this matter. We have sent them all our requirements. I have written to Dean of PD. But the procedure is very long. The request has to be examined properly and it goes to many a table, before it is approved. Only after that funds will be allocated. In the CVR a new bore well has been dug for all round water supply. It will definitely help to solve the water problem face by the boarders. The work order has already been given and a submersible pump will be installed. Whenever water will be required, it can be provided. The work will start on Monday. Similar arrangement will be made for MV Hall for this purpose. Water heating systems will also be installed, which will eliminate the use of geysers. Within a few days, water problem will be solved. I will ask the Estate Office people to solve this problem of seepage and water logging as soon as possible. 

MM: There is a lot of insect problem especially in the evening. Apart from mosquitoes other insects are also proving to be a nuisance. What arrangements can we get for it?

CW: We are sprinkling pesticides every three days. The work was put to halt because of the rains. But it will continue after this. Also we will be spraying weedicides and other chemicals to ward off the insect menace. The bushes and grasses will be cleaned. This issue will definitely be taken care of.

Missing Facilities, Fixes and Repairs

MM: There are several broken water coolers and aqua guards. Also, SD hall has only two water coolers. The boarders are facing problem regarding this. When can we expect the procurement? 

 CW: Yes, we will procure them as soon as possible. The damaged ones will be repaired. We have the water coolers numbered, to track the broken ones. I will instruct the maintenance employees to look into the matter. I will ask them to procure more if the need arises. I will look into this matter of every hall.

MM: The equipment for the gym of CVR has been procured, but not installed yet. When can we expect a fully functional facility?

CW: The gym equipment have arrived.  Why isn’t the equipment installed in the TV room? It is quite spacious. If the materials are not installed as soon as possible, then the warranty period will be over, which will make repairs very difficult. You can discuss with the elected representatives and be proactive towards it. Then the work can be done soon. I will ask the sports officer to help maintain the badminton court.

MM: A new drain has been dug up, from the cycle stand to MSS hall. The students are apprehensive about water logging and bad drainage system. Now with the cyclonic rainfall taking place this can aggravate the situation. 

CW: Yes, I will direct the maintenance people to clean the drain as soon as possible. This problem will be taken care of soon. 

MM: Washings machines were requested from several halls. When can the boarders expect it?

CW: Proposal from MSS hall was received and action has already been taken. The washing machines will be procured from IFB for use in MSS and SD hall. We have already asked for the price quotation. The machines will be procured within a few weeks.