A Tribute to the Gurus

On 5th Sept., breaking the monotonous humdrum and dullness of working days, Department of Ceramic Engineering cherished their gurus and excited freshmen. The event commenced in the embellished seminar hall of the department where the hosts echoed the well deserved plaudits for the gems of the department.

The evening was brought to life by the faculties of the department- HOD Prof. S.K.Pratihar along with Prof. Arun Chowdhury, Prof.S.K.Behera, Prof.S.Bhattacharya, Prof.R.Mazumdar, Prof.Sudip Dasgupta and recently joined Prof.Arindam Paul and Prof. Partha Saha. Beginning with the HOD followed by all professors showered their words of wisdom and enlightened the curious audience. A slide show was presented on the commendable journey of our distinguished professors. After the presentation an ebullient group song to the rhythm of the guitar by the newcomers made the whole environment euphoric. Finally the event ended with the felicitation of our esteemed professors and a vote of thanks presented by one of the research scholars.

After the faculties left, it was time for interesting moments of senior-junior interaction. The newcomers gave a formal introduction which further led to juniors performing acts in which they are skilled at. Charged with energy, the freshers entertained their seniors by their arresting acts of rapping and dancing. After the end of friendly interactions Miss and Mr. Fresher were announced on the basis of their response to a set of questions and their shown talent. Everybody felt delighted and ecstatic as an incredible night comes to an end. The event was beautifully organised and well co-ordinated to give everyone a mystical experience.

Team MM welcomes all freshers of Ceramic Department and wishes them all the best for the future.