The Empirical Mastery

To inculcate the spirit of scientific enquiry, Ceramic engineering department took another step as one of the Ph.D scholar B.S.Reddy is working towards new techniques for medical research advancement, under the guidance of Prof. Debasish Sarkar. The project is titled as “Process Optimization, Design and Fabrication of ZTA Femoral Ball Head”.

The research work is concerning hip replacements, one of the most common orthopaedic procedures. In this course of action the ball-and-socket hip joint is then replaced with an artificial implant. The material of the implant can be metal, plastic or ceramic but ceramic implants are designed to be the most resistant to wear of all available hip replacement implants. The entire research exhibited optimization of zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA) composition, sintering process and fabrication of femoral head. The optimized specimen was analysed on the basis of incompressible strength, hardness and fracture toughness. According to B.S.Reddy, working on technology based research is a herculean task with mammoth number of trials and errors for commercial viability of product. But endurance and efforts over the last two years for obtaining the perfect composition has finally paid off.

The femoral ball produced is of cylindrical shape which is currently present in the market but more geometrical features are going to be developed in the upcoming time. The product developed during this course of research is going to be tested on the morphological, biological and mechanical properties and a final conclusion will be drawn. Further experiments regarding the durability of this specimen are going to be examined by growth of tissue on femoral head. The work that B.S.Reddy pursued has immense importance in modern medical advances helping people to live longer and better life.

Prof. Sarkar has forwarded this project to DST (Department of Science & Technology) for their approval. Team MM wishes the department the very best for its future endeavours and prodigious achievements.