The Ultimate Stalemate

The dawn of the summer has brought with it frequent power cuts magnified by lack of generator or any source of backup. Power cuts for three to four hours during work time are all but common.

While other departments have a generator in their booty to boast off, Chemical Department is devoid of any such luxury.
As per the conversation with the staff, concerned authorities have been already enunciated with the problem but the response is not up to the mark. “Hotline work is going on, the backup will be made available in two three months”.
But can the research really wait for so long? The research students are already short of days leave alone the months. They are currently making the ends meet by working late in the night with still uncertainty looming over their heads and simultaneously hampering their routine activities.
The heat is conducting rapidly as many of the experiments for example those related to GCMS, FTIR are crucial to all departments and 24x7 electricity is required for the equipment to operate.
Registration seminars which are important for one’s career are also being delayed and sometimes cancelled, thanks to power cuts.
As per the information, old building was given the backup from the generators of Department of Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering,   but most of the laboratories and offices are located in new building, thus causing disruption in official work. True, UPS’ are to help but no internet connection during power cuts makes the situation pathetic. The new building also lacks adequate exhaust fans and fume hood which of course proffer a great risk to health as well as the environment
Another ignominy is that the building only looks beautiful from outside, inside there is a dearth of infrastructure. Staff offices are devoid of furniture, giving the impression of nodal space in an atom. A beautiful garden can be built on the central space between the blocks where currently heaps of dust have made their presence appreciably felt.

The need of the hour is to look into the matter seriously and come up with a prudent solution.