The Mozart of NITR: Prof. Satish Kumar Agarwal

Simplicity and Complexity interwoven in one being have always fascinated Homo sapiens. And Prof. Satish Kumar Agarwal is no less than an example of the same. An ex-H.O.D. of The Department of Chemical Engineering, Prof. Agarwal made the institute proud on 15th August, 2014 bysinging a beautiful nationalistic song entitled: ”Bharat Swabhiman Lautana Hai” a song composed by the professor himself. The patriotic song was much celebrated by the chief guest, our respected director as well as the students alike.

A 1975 pass-out from the then Regional Engineering College, The REC, he represents a true RENGCOLLIAN. Prof. Agarwal has achieved such a proficiency in poetry that it is clearly reflected in the conversations with him. His vision about life, about everyday issues faced by us is not only quite different from others but also mind-boggling and inspiring and at the same time, invigorating. Prof. Agrawal believes that heart touching poetry can resolve big issues in purely non-violent way citing examples of some of his own personal experiences on the same.

One of his many innovative and out of the box ideas was the launch of SAMARPAN which stood for the “Society for the promotion of Art, Music and other Related Programmes among the Nations”. The launch took place on 26th Jan, 2011 with the aim: “To promote world peace through the promotion of art and culture”. The vision was to become a well recognized World body by 26th Jan, 2021.  The inspiration for the launch of SAMARPAN was SPIC MACAY, promoted by Prof. Kiran Seth, from IIT, New Delhi with a little difference that, whereas Spic-Macay brings all accomplished artists for free; SAMARPAN will work with fresh dew drops i.e. amateurs and enable them to achieve those great heights. Prof. Agarwal had been and is again in touch with SPIC MACAY and Prof. Kiran Seth. SAMARPAN aims at spreading cultural values, which are diminishing at an exponential rate, throughout India. The publicizing of the society is expected to start shortly through electronic media.
Taking cognizance of his abilities, the great International fame singer of devotional songs, Shri Anup Jalota Ji, has willingly agreed to lend his voice to one of his creations i.e. “Bharat Swabhiman lautan hai” and get it recorded.

The man who proudly calls himself ‘Rengcolian’ from the good old REC days, was also the first one whose interview grabbed the first place in MM’s first CGPA column in 2010 surely because of his attitude towards life and interaction with the students. Proudly elaborating the CGPA as ‘Cool Glamorous Professor Adda’, the old guardian still remembers the interview article named as ‘Gem Chem HOD’.

     The song touches the heart. I feel it is so because the song originates from the heart. I’ll not be surprised if some day, in the voice of Anup Jalota Ji or someone comparable, it will be as popular as the famous ‘Aai Mere watan ke logon

Prof. Sunil Kumar Sarangi


Other important guests and the students were also all praises for the professor:

 Dear Sir,  
Yours performance was excellent and I really enjoyed it.


Team MM congratulates Professor Agarwal for his grand success and hopes for a flourishing future ahead.

Some of his fascinating poetries are attached below:


भारत स्वाभिमान लौटाना है

ईद, होली, दिवाली और क्रिस्मस