New Changes in the Offing

Keeping in mind the modern trend of technology and the technical developments, the Director has decided to take some steps in changing the curriculum of the semesters.

Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest branches in NITR. And there will be no modernisation in the course structure is something hard to believe. To keep the students updated about the modern techniques of not only the construction work but also in other fields like the machines used and the software developed, the change in syllabus is done to encourage the students to be more innovative and learn to make finished products and software. For example, previously only bricks and cements were used while now the civil engineers use composites. This change is made by taking input from industry and academics as well.

To have a better understanding in conceptual subjects, all the courses which are much related with Mathematics have been converted to 4 credits. Besides, Electrical Machines have been introduced in five to six branches, one of which is obviously Civil.

A new course has also been started in the department, Remote Sensing. The laboratory for this subject was not there earlier due to lack of facilities. A new laboratory is made for this course and new faculties are recruited to teach these new technologies as it evolves with time.

Computer is an integral part of our life now-a-days. With the evolution of computer, many new software have been developed for various fields like structure and environmental. So, in every department, a software laboratory has been introduced to make the students used to it.

Overall, the changes that have been implemented seem to be in the best interest of the students and all we can hope is it bears the fruitful results in the future.