Of Civil Engineers

The new batch of the Civil Engineering department were given a rousing reception when their seniors organised the branch freshers on the eve of the Teacher’s Day.

Despite the heavy showers and storms that raged the evening time, the enthusiasm just could not be overpowered from making the event a successful one. Although it started late, it started in a grandeur fashion with a group song. A technically and emotionally touching PowerPoint presentation expressing the gratitude of the students towards their teachers won the hearts of all present there. The messages of Prof. S.K. Sahu, HOD, Prof. N. Roy, Prof. C.R. Patra, Prof. R. Jha and Prof. M. Panda were really inspiring for the freshers. A huge teachers’ day card was presented to the HOD, Prof. S. K. Sahu to all the faculties of the department on behalf of all the students of the department. It was accepted with a broad smile and something that all the professors were happy to receive. The Teachers’ Day programme came to an end with the presentation of a small gift to the professors as a token of respect and gratitude.

It was time for the freshers to be welcomed. Once again a presentation trying to give a feel of civil engineering was played on the big screen that often received some thunderous applause from the audience. A melodious solo song performance from a first year was very much soothing to the ears. After a brilliant song, the mouth organ piece presented by him was thoroughly praised by all present there.

To scrutinise the freshers for the Mr. and Miss Freshers title, five boys and five girls were chosen on the basis of the answers in the questionnaire that were given to them in the beginning. Now, a fun game was played amongst them from which three girls and boys were selected for the final PI round that was taken by the final year students.
The event concluded with the announcement of the Mr. Fresher Nishant Thakkar and Miss Fresher Surabhi Bhuyan.