A Visit to Switzerland for Riverflow 2014

In the recent past, a troop consisting of two professors, Prof. K.C. Patra and Prof. K.K.Khatua, and two students, Nivedita Guru and Bandita Naik, went to Switzerland to attend the international conference “Riverflow 2014” at Lausanna, near Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference was held from 3rd of September to 5th of September earlier this year.
According to one of the professors, they got the opportunity to interact with many reputed professors from all over the world in the field of river hydraulics such as Prof. Sihano from Loborough University, UK and many others. Also Prof. K.C. Patra said:

     All of them have deeply appreciated our works at NIT Rourkela and desired for a collaborative research work with our institute.

He was indeed very happy to say that the world class facilities that have been created at NIT Rourkela has drawn the attention of most of the 300 researchers that is those who have attended the conference.

The group of four proudly presented 4 papers in the conference. Their work was mostly on velocity of flow, velocity of discharge, boundary shear, analogy of flow in meandering and strake compound genres and also issues with climate change.
It is a matter of great honour when Prof. K.C. Patra was elected as the executive member of the following 4 organisations:


  • Indian Society for Hydraulics
  • Indian Association of Hydrology
  • Civil Engineering Division of IEI
  • Advances in Fluid Mechanics (AFM 2014) – chosen as an international member by The Wessex Institute of Technology, UK


The following trip enriched the civil engineering department with some great experience and there is a good prospect for this one of the oldest branches in NITR to excel in the near future. Team MM wishes them all the very best for their future endeavours.