Home of the Techies

One of the most sought after branches in NITR, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has already completed 15 years since it got introduced in NITR. As always, the fresh batch of engineering students look forward to being part of the esteemed CSE department. So in order to find out what’s in store for the CSE students this academic year, Team MM contacted the Head of the CSE Department as well as the senior most faculty in NITR, Prof. Santanu K. Rath.

One of the main additions to the infrastructure of the department is the establishment of a brand new Laboratory to accommodate the growing number of aspiring engineers in the campus. This soon to be constructed laboratory will be housing 110-115 students in comparison to the Computer Centers having capacity of 93. It will be used as a multipurpose lab. Making the full CSE department air conditioned is the number one priority as off now, as it’s a time consuming process. The air conditioning for the department would be fully operational by the end of October according to Prof Rath. CSE students should be delighted to know that they would be one of the first departments to experience this. 

The curriculum has been altered to include more department subjects such as Database Management System and Embedded System in the UG level as well as others in PG. Another plan in making is the introduction of Data Analysis as a specialization in PG level in collaboration with a foreign university though we can only expect this in the next academic year.

The CSE department is glad to have been boosted with the presence of two proficient faculties, Dr. Ruchira and Soma Shah. The department hopes to offer extra courses and cover the requirement after this addition to the faculty. 

The National Board of Accreditation (NBA) has given the courses of Computer Science and Engineering Department partial accreditation (i.e. 2 years). When asked about this, Prof. Rath informed MM that an appeal is going to be made as soon as possible for getting the courses fully accredited.

One vital seminar was recently conducted by the CSE department. The Conference Return Seminar was held in the Conference hall of the CSE department by Prof. Rath on "Story Point Approach based Agile Software Effort Estimation" on 25th of this month.

Team MM wishes the Department all the best wishes for the future!!