The Canadian Cadence

True enough that the computer science and engineering department lacks a fancy new building or isn’t very proud of a rather shabby façade. But, it’s capable enough to prove the maxim “never judge a book by its cover.” The research and researchers inside the primal building are reaching greater heights internationally.

It is matter of great exaltation that the HOD of computer science and engineering department, Prof. S. K. Rath had attended the International Conference on software engineering (ICSE) held at Vancouver, Canada from July 1 to July 3, 2014. An episode enough to blow clarions about, the Head of department, Prof S. K. Rath hopes that his visit would prove quite salutary to the research scholars of the department as well as strengthening the ties between our institute and established companies of Universal repute.

His visit was a culmination of visiting University of British Columbia, Canada and University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, two of the very high ranking Universities of the World. His specialization being in the field of software engineering, he visited the respective department and associated himself with the professors of the same specialization. 

There are certain conferences like ‘ICSE’, ‘Software engineering and knowledge engineering’ which every researcher in the field of computer science longs to attend. 

Given that the acceptance rate in these conferences is hardly 20% (or even less for ICSE, about 10% to 15%), being invited to attend it and being included in that small elite fraction is a matter of great gratification. This whole visit was made possible through the efforts of one of our alumnus, Mr Vikas Kumar who is currently pursuing his PhD in University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. 

He also grabbed this opportunity to increase ties of Nit Rourkela with globally established companies. One of our research scholars is all set to join in a Switzerland based electrical manufacturing company’s eastern branch in Bangalore, as an intern for three months. 

In spite of already having a cap full of feathers, it wouldn’t be wrong to add another one by stating that he was the lone researcher from India to have attended this conference this year. Quite an eye raiser, huh!