Forming "Equations" of Development

The Department Of Chemistry, although relatively new, has seen a lot of development over the years. In an interview with MM, the Head of the Department, Prof. Niranjan Panda disclosed the recent changes brought in the department’s curricula and equipments.

The laboratories are fit enough to conduct the incorporated curricula and so are the other facilities. Modern instruments like a CD apparatus, Circular Dichroism, necessary in the field of spectroscopy, have been brought in.

 The department has consulted a lot of faculties and experts to come up with the new syllabi. The Director, the chairman along with a few faculty members have sat together, multiple times, to analyze and improvise the curricula. There are some minor modifications which need to be done but the syllabus is more or less up-to-date, says the HOD. 

Earlier the laboratories and supplies were limited. This time, along with the usual labs; computational lab, instrumental lab and material synthesis lab have been introduced. Also, the new curricula includes labs of different departments, so inter-department laboratory facilities are also available. The curriculum has been framed taking important competitive exams like GATE, GRE etc. into account. Students will be eligible to work in departments like material chemistry, environmental chemistry, mining, ceramic and other national labs after completing their MSc.

Compared to the big-shot universities like DU, our institute is providing enough resources for the development of the student. Also, the labs are getting better facilities over the years and now they are at par with the IITs, if not better. Despite all these additions, there is still a scope of improvement and the department is striving to get better in the consecutive years. More than 16 projects have been taken up by the faculty. Leaving aside a few, most of the faculty has a minimum of one project at hand right now. 

Although the first batch which passed last semester, consisted of a mere number of two students, both got placed in the campus. When asked about the campus scenario and opportunities for the upcoming batches, the HOD was determined that with the new and improvised syllabi, the students will become more competent and scarcity of jobs won’t be an issue.