Learning Across the Borders

Professor Debayan Sarkar, not only an inspiring teacher, but also an ambitious chemist served a visit to a conference held in Shanghai, China, this summer.

 On a meeting with Team MM, he elucidated the minutes of the conference.
Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge (UK), a very premiere agency, organised this conference jointly with the Shanghai Institute of Chemistry. The Royal Society organises conferences, have fellowships for abroad and have wide variety of journals in chemistry.  They were the main hosts in Shanghai. The main agenda of this conference was to get all the good chemists of the world together so that they can discuss their thoughts and ideas together. The conference called ISACS (International Symposium for Advancing Chemical Sciences), was a two day affair and was being held for the 14th time. They focus mostly on the summer programmes and their theme is to put these conferences in different continents. The first one was in Thailand with the theme being inorganic and material chemistry; the second one in Shanghai, about organic chemistry and the third in Santiago, with the theme, nanomaterials.
The concept of these symposia is that they pick up and invite best chemists in the world. There are presentations by young scientists and also poster presentations by some of the best speakers in the world. A lot of chemical companies visit these conferences with the objective of interacting with these young minds. Different ideologies were presented by different groups.
First day of the conference just included the registration followed by “mixer party” with the renowned scientists of the world. Apart from the very good lectures, the interactions were fantastic. The conference was a very good meeting point for all the international scientists. There were lecturers from Caltech, Princeton which led to the very close collaboration as well as initiation of talks with them.

     What I found was we are not lagging too behind when it comes to chemistry. But we do lag behind in the infrastructure facilities. The problem with us is the funding as well as the location of our institute. Even though we have the facilities, the problem is that we lack a functional airport which makes the arrival of international big shots in the world of science unfeasible.

When asked about the facilities and his stay, he said that they were placed in the nearest hotels to the institute and Shanghai as a place is amazing. The food was terrific and they were provided all sorts of amenities so that they do not fall short of anything.