Unearthing the Earth Science Department

Expanding with every advancing year on various fronts including infrastructure, courses, facilities and departments, a recent addition includes the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences dwelling in the Mining Department building. NIT Rourkela is the first among all the NITs to offer this course. This six month old department offers M.Sc. in Applied Geology besides offering M.Tech and PhD. The department has future plans of starting an integrated M.Sc. course in Applied Geology and offer M.Sc. in Atmospheric Science program from the next academic year. 

ES Department has six faculty members, one of them being a visiting professor and most of them are newly recruited. Headed by Prof. S.P. Singh of Department of Civil Engineering it houses ten M.Sc. students and seven PhD students. Prof. S. K. Eqeenudin, Assistant Professor from Department of Mining Engineering, played a crucial role in establishing this new department. Adding laurels to the newly formed Department, Dr. Bhaskar Kundu, a geophysicist from ES Department, recently got an award from Indian Society of Earthquakes Technology for outstanding work in Earthquake Science. Expanding on Human Resources, two new faculty members have joined recently; Dr Shakti, specialised in ore geology particularly in gold and iron deposits with metamorphic petrology being his forte and Dr Naresh, specialised in massive scale modelling and ERC. 

The department is equipped with various labs to cater to the needs students, one of them being a modelling and simulation lab consisting of Windows and Linux based systems and workstations dealing computation and numerical models. Second is an atmospheric instrumentation lab consisting of portable and station based instruments. Third is an optical microscope lab to study the structure and texture of different types of rocks. Another is coal geology lab which is yet to obtain sophisticated microscopes to encourage advanced research projects. Some of the other labs include the geochemical lab, structural geology lab and ore geology.

Being at a stage of nascence, the department looks forward to a promising and eventful future. Team MM wishes them success for their upcoming endeavours.