Psychology behind Counselling

After a significant triumph over the toughest exams of the country when the adolescents put their feet in the elite engineering lands called IITs and NITs, they tend to taste a different life altogether.

The initial days at these places for the freshmen are not only marked by enthusiasm, curiosity and thrilling newness for many but also illusions and depression for many. That is when something called ‘self-development’ and ‘counselling’ come to rescue.

The Dept. Of Humanities and Social Sciences warmly welcomed Prof. M.B. Sharan on 29th January, 2015. Prof. Sharan has been an Ex-professor of Psychology in the Departments of Humanities and Social Sciences at IIT, Kharagpur and IIT, Patna. He has also been the esteemed guest in many functions of the institute before. On the aforesaid day in the New Senate Hall of the Department, he delivered a wonderful lecture on ‘Self-Development and Counselling for IIT/NIT Students.’ In his lecture, he emphasised on the stages of self-development and spiritual counselling thereby intensifying on concepts like healthy mind, personality development, faith, belief systems etc. He also emphasised on the need for counselling and broadened the major Personal and Psychological problems of IIT/NIT students stating the proper way to counsel as each student is different from the other. Apart from these, he also revealed the deep rooted reasons why the students from these institutes who clear the toughest of examinations fail to pass the mere semester examinations.

He also gave tips to the students on concentration and confidence. He also highlighted the need of ‘Active Listening’ and ‘Effective Study Patterns’. A man with a husky voice, Prof. Sharan with his intellectual deliberation and humour made the crowd enjoy his lecture to the core.

Also, our revered Director Prof. S. K. Sarangi narrated some real life incidents and worthy encounters with Prof. Sharan and proved his proficiency as a psychologist.   The students and the faculties were thankful to Prof. Sharan for his impact-creating talk.