Back in 2010, when the 1st International Conference on Frontiers in Biological Sciences (InCoFIBS-2010) took place at NIT, Rourkela, the Dept. Of Life Science not only received the obligatory recognition at global level but was also highly applauded for its immense success. This stimulated the aforesaid department to organise the 2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Biological Sciences (InCoFIBS-2015) from 22nd-24th January, 2015, sponsored by CSIR, ICMR, DST, DBT, BRNS, Government of  India. This year, the aim of the conference was to provide a platform for the academicians, researchers, engineers as well as industry professionals from all over the world to exchange knowledge and also renew themselves with the recent developments and happenings in the field of Life Sciences, which has been the most talked about branch of science, around the globe, for some years.


InCoFIBS -2015

The Department of Life Sciences is one of the youngest departments at NITR, but the students and the faculty are determined to show with their ebullient efforts that they are not, in any respect, less. Come January and with the beginning of a new semester, the department is gearing up to conduct the 2nd International Conference on Frontiers in Biological Sciences (InCoFIBS-2015).


New Knights in the Realm

The department of Life Science has added five adroit professionals to its family this year. Prof B B Sahu worked at the Iowa State University, USA before joining NITR and Prof M Saleem was a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Munster, Germany. Prof Rohan Dhiman earned his PhD from Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh while Prof Vidya Devi hails from Indian Institute of Science, Banglore. Prof Monalisa Mishra specializes in cell and developmental biology. 

Prof B B Sahu’s area of research is plant immunity and he is currently working on non-host resistance during plant-pathogen interaction in rice plants. He is studying the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana which is resistant to a particular rice plant pathogen. The research involves identifying the gene that provides resistance to Arabidopsis thaliana and incorporating that gene in the rice plant to increase rice harvest.

Prof Rohan Dhiman has been awarded the coveted INSPIRE fellowship. His research interests comprise host-pathogen interaction in M. tuberculosis infection, Autophagy, Microbial Immunology and Innate and adaptive immunity in tuberculosis.

Prof M Saleem has also bagged the INSPIRE fellowship and his domain of research includes membrane-protein interactions, Endocytosis, Membrane Mechanics, Reconstitution Biology and Biophysics.

Prof Vidya Devi has received a FAST Track grant from DST for her research project. She is pursuing her research in infection biology and immunological modulation by infection during pregnancy and neonatal development.

Another stalwart of the new perspicacious pool of scientists, Prof Monalisa Mishra has been awarded a grant by DST and is currently conducting developmental research on house flies.

Team MM wishes the professors success in all their endeavors and hopes that they enjoy their stay at NITR. 


Sky Is The Limit

Life Sciences is one of the fastest developing domains with an explosion in knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Hence, it has become a major thrust area for the global giants in the information industry and also for corporates involved in research and development of new products. It is one of the budding fields of research and technology in India with a scope to dwarf all others. The beginning of the new session brings with it great tidings for one and all of the Department of Life Science, tidings which hint at an astronomical rise in the reputation and status of the department.