Sky Is The Limit

Life Sciences is one of the fastest developing domains with an explosion in knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Hence, it has become a major thrust area for the global giants in the information industry and also for corporates involved in research and development of new products. It is one of the budding fields of research and technology in India with a scope to dwarf all others. The beginning of the new session brings with it great tidings for one and all of the Department of Life Science, tidings which hint at an astronomical rise in the reputation and status of the department.

The Department of Life Sciences is now offering Integrated MSc, MSc and PhD courses and it welcomed five new faculty members in its folds keeping in view the needs of the departments expanding student numbers. With the expanding demand for quality research in the field of life sciences, the department finds itself richer by 3 new projects bringing the total number of projects to 19 and the sum total of the funding to around 5 crores. 

The faculty members have left no stone unturned in winning accolades and bringing laurels to their own department and NITR as well. Dr. Bibekanand Mallick was awarded with the Bharat ShikshaRatan Award, 2014 by GSHEG (Global Society for Health and Educational Growth), New Delhi. The HOD, Professor Sujit K. Bhutia has been nominated as an academic editor in the PLoS ONE journal. PloS ONE is a reputed international journal which welcomes reports on primary research from any scientific discipline, encouraging the discovery of connections between papers whether within or between disciplines. 

Professor R.Jayabalan has received offers to further their research at the Poznan University of Life Sciences through TEQIP as has PhD scholar, MissArunimaShilpi at the Northwestern University of Chicago.Mrs. Garima Singh, working under the mentorship of Dr. Bibekanand, was awarded the woman Scientist Award by DST, Government of India.

Undertaking an important attempt to highlight the "Prediction and validation of apoptosis through cytochrome P450 activation by benzo[a]pyrene" in a National conference on ‘Current Trends in Life Sciences Research and Challenges Ahead’ organised by Sambalpur University, Burlafrom 28th February to 2ndMarch, 2014, Miss DurgeshNandini Das, senior research scholar working under the supervisionof Dr S.K. Bhutia, won the Young Scientist award. Her work was appreciated by eminent scientists and researchers as she made a novel link to understand the effect of pollutants and cancer.

The enthusiasm and the dedication of the faculty and the students of the Department of Life Science seems unquestionable, and their plaudits and achievements are taking NITR into heights rarely scaled.