The Head Honcho of NITR

The department of NIT Rourkela that showcases some of the very prominent names in the field of Mathematics is on its spree of achieving greatness. It would be more prominent to say that the professors of the department have always held our heads high. The latest milestone to be achieved by a professor of the Mathematics Department would be the selection as the Editor in Chief of a very renowned online journal site. The journal site is the very famous and the professor with this prestigious is Professor Santanu Saha Ray.

When MM caught up with Professor Saha Ray he shared with us of how he applied for the post of Editor in Chief and was selected after a two year long scrutiny and interviews. The journal under the professor is International Journal of Applied Computational Mathematics (IACM).

Springer is a worldwide famous publication house; however it does not have a publication in Applied Computational Mathematics. This journal aims to cover the area of Computational Mathematics. The professor feels very honoured and privileged to have this esteemed post and also have some very distinguished professors as Associate Editors.

The professor feels that the students of the institute will be highly benefitted if the printed journal is introduced in the institute library and also plans to approach the library for the same. Also with the help of the journal the Mathematics research prospects are also expected to improve as the journal gives exposure to worldwide research through the journals.

The first issue of IACM is due on Jan 2015. It is a big honour to our institute that the Editor in Chief of this prestigious publication house journal is our very own professor. Also having eminent professors from various reputed Institutes of abroad as well as from Indian Institutes like IIT, IISc and ISI as a part of the editing board under Professor Saha Ray is a matter of great pride.

Team MM would like express sincere thanks and gratitude to him for sparing his valuable time to us in spite of his academic liabilities and engagements including principal investigation of his DST and BRNS project activities.  MM team wishes Professor Saha Ray for a successful endeavour with Springer.