Einsteins of NITR

Change is the only constant. The department of NITR housing the future Einsteins under tremendous transformation this year, starting the new scholastic year with a couple of good news boosting the morale and pride of their department, and of NITR as a whole. After all, it’s all for one and one for all. 

Four new faculty members have joined recently in the theoretical physics sphere namely Prof. S. Mishra, Prof. S. Datta, Prof. A.C. Pradhan and Prof. Amit Rai.

We wish them a fruitful scholastic journey in NITR. The labs underwent great changes with three new labs such as semi-conductor device, laser and low temperature labs being formed. The low temperature labs are supposed to have new superconducting magnets installed. 

The curriculum too has undergone major changes. A new announcement come as a pleasant surprise to the final year Integrated MSc. Students that they will be availed complete freedom in their last two semesters for research work and their numerous projects. Thereby promoting greater motivation for brilliant new research projects, papers and patents. A classic mastermind move.

A few of our professors have gone in conferences abroad for collaborative project works. Prof. J.P.Kar has recently been to South Korea; Prof. P. Mahanandia to Russia; Prof A.K. Singh to France. A moment of pride for the NITRians to see their institute professors mingling with the best minds of the world for epic research projects and undertakings.

The first batch of Integrated MSc. Physics comprising 5 students passed out last year and all of them were well settled. It’s always welcome to hear of your seniors, your elder brothers, sisters settling well in life. Two among the five have been admitted in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research to pursue Ph.D. One of them got a Chancellor fellowship for lecturer position at an UK university. One got placed at TCS. And the other one qualified for the NET exam for lecturership.

This year the department plans to have four Ph.Ds. A big thing reinforcing the research aspect of this technical institute. These are Einsteins in the making. On the way to make NITR and India proud. May the mass times acceleration be with these Einsteins-in-the-making this year, and for the rest of the years of their lives.