A Thunderous Welcome

The 4th of September saw a wonderful gathering of the students of the Department of Electrical Engineering on the occasion of department freshers’ celebration. A crowd of over 250 students ranging from timid freshmen to nostalgic final years gathered in LA-204. The decorations for the event had started back in the afternoon around 5 p.m. The sophomores set up the sound systems, decorated the walls with frills and balloons and also decorated the board. The freshmen started pouring in from 6 in the evening.

The evening started in full swing with the arrival of Professor Bidyadhar Subudhi of the Department of Electrical Engineering who was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He started off with his address for the freshmen which received a lot of applause from the students. This was followed by the lighting of the sacred lamp along with the reciting of slokas. The students then made the evening colourful with their gracious performances in the form of group and solo dances, group and duet songs and various fun, interactive sessions. There was a group song by the fresher girls. It was quite delightful to watch the freshmen take the stage and sing in shaky and frightened voices. The sophomore girls however did a good job of guiding and assuring them that it was all good.

The fresher boys and girls enthralled the audience with their separate attempts at setting the stage on fire, both of which received the wholesome support of the crowd. The students were then asked to walk up to the stage and introduce themselves in turn. They were then handed out food packets. Food packets had also been arranged for everyone present. A fun interactive session between students of various batches followed which culminated into an impromptu jig on the stage by the final year students. The students of other batches also joined in as the final years enjoyed their last freshers’ party at this institute. The evening was thus symbolic of the inevitability of time, as the batch of 2015 danced away in their last year while a new batch of curious engineers-in-the-making have walked in through the hallowed gates of NIT Rourkela.