Taking new strides in the emerging field

New session has stood up to its promise to a harbinger of changes. This year almost every department has seen small to big changes in different aspects of academics. Be it the laboratories or the theoretical studies, changes have been done to bring to sync with the ever changing world. So, Monday Morning caught up with the Electronics and Communication Department about some recent developments.


There have several changes made to the curriculum and syllabi of every semester. Under the new curriculum, the 5th semester B.Tech and 1st semester M.Tech students will have a Product Design Lab where students will have to design a small product from scratch to finish. This may become a marketable product. 

Two labs have been shifted to the new building: the Circuits Lab a.k.a the Basic Electronics Lab and a part of this lab are being re-created as the Integrated Systems Lab.

Two new faculty members have joined the department and the department is in good condition in terms of faculty availability. With three PhD submissions, the research output of the department is improving every year. Several general purpose equipment and software have been procured. 

The department is proud to announce that the Balloon Satellite, created by the students (hosted in the department) is in the last legs of its completion. It is expected to be launched in September this year. 

Thus, the department has taken big strides in research and developmental work. We hope they will keep up with this good work in years to come.