An Evening to Remember

The time of the year, when a freshman has to undergo the rituals of induction into the institution has finally arrived. Last year’s freshmen have become sophomores and have eagerly awaited the arrival of a fresh batch. The atmosphere is charged, and all arrangements have been perfectly set. The welcome evening is one of the most memorable times for the freshmen, so the seniors do work hard! 

The students of Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering successfully organized the event with minimum glitch. Albeit marred by a couple of power outages, yet the show did not show any signs of subsiding that evening. The business was as usual, with the presenting of beautiful bouquets to the esteemed professors. This was followed by the lighting of lamp by the Head of the Department, Prof. K K Mahapatra and the faculty members. The HoD did give some unusual points in his address, insisting everyone to contribute to the growth of the department. He even promised to fill the entire lacuna that exists. Next, Prof. S K Patra pepped up the evening with his playful side with high expectations from everyone.

The most eagerly awaited part of the evening: the cultural show showed no signs of rest. The first years were very eager to show off their talent and the girls milled onto the stage for a chorus in their sopranos. The star of the evening was a finalist of a very prestigious national talent show and a playback singer in several Bengali movies, who stole everyone’s heart with his enthralling baritone. Everyone was left begging for an encore, following which everyone was reduced to helpless laughter at the dance performance of boys. The first year girls managed to salvage some of the pride with their grace. The vote of thanks was an advice as well as a remainder to leave the place clean. Everyone ate, danced and clicked photos to their hearts content. The seniors and the juniors mingled together for a rapturous merriment. The freshmen, caught up with the excitement did manage to lose some tension and hopped in to the fun. 

It was an evening to remember. And yes, everyone was as unhappy as Cinderella, when the clock struck 10!