Food For Thought

With a vision, “To address the modern issues related to food processing and implement changes that incorporate cutting-edge research and technology to meet the challenges of today and the future food industry as well as to invigorate the program, and the profession at large, by redefining the practice of food process engineering for modern society.”, Department of Food Processing and Technology is all geared up to make epoch making changes in the field of Food Processing and Technology. With a number of exciting new developments coming up in the department, here’s a brief look into what is in store for the students.

Recruited professors for the department hail from premier institutes of India and abroad. Prof P P Sutar and Prof J Mitra have earned their PhD from IIT Kharagpur, and Prof Rama Chandra Pradhan received his PhD from IIT Delhi. Prof Sabyasachi Mishra is from University of Saskatchewan, Canada. Prof R K Singh is acting as the Head of Department, Food Process Engineering. Department-specific classes have begun for the 3rd semester undergraduate students and are being conducted in the Chemical Engineering department. Postgraduate classes and PhD research work are to commence from 28th July.

Curriculum of the Department of Food Process Engineering focuses on food security, post harvest food safety, food preservation techniques, means to reduce harvest losses, new packaging techniques and quality of export goods. USFDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and FSSIA (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) would be used as guidelines. 

Opportunities for research are plenty and students can expect a stellar future in research oriented careers. Prof P P Sutar says,

Students can specialize in post harvest engineering, food safety and security, process engineering, quality control, human nutrition etc.

Prof Sutar also said that graduates can find jobs in the R&D departments of food industries; they may be employed as quality assurance professionals, process engineers in factories, design engineers, equipment managers, and purchase managers. Doors of giant retail companies like D Mart, Wall Mart etc. are also open to them.

The initial air of uncertainty has cleared, and students can be assured that they are in safe hands. Team MM hopes for a spectacular future for this new crop of budding engineers.