In Focus: R&D

The Department of food process engineering has plunged into research and development and has quite a few projects in its undertaking. Professors are geared up and set to make new strides in their fields of research. In addition to the institute grant the department has also bagged a grant through an industrial consultancy project.


Successful fabrication of ‘Hot air assisted rotary microwave dryer’ designed by Prof P P Sutar at Twin Engineers, Vadodara is an achievement for the department. This new technology is a combination of microwave and hot air drying technology (E-drying). Convention-heating technology removes moisture from the surface of materials and E-drying heats the central core of the product and drives the moisture towards the surface. This green technology is versatile and can be used for drying, sterilization, roasting, cooking applications etc. Advantages of this hybrid technology are moderate capital cost, efficient dehydration, reduced drying cost, reduction in process time, reduction in microbiological count and retention of flavor, aroma and ingredients. This innovation possesses multi magnetron system for even distribution of energy and uniform heating, combination of hot air and microwave offers optimum use of energy and better quality of product. The dryer is having temperature controller and humidity sensor, air re-circulating type hot air system that includes electrical heater, re-circulating fan and duct and air diffusion system and this machine can be easily installed in farms without much hindrance.

Laboratory sessions have commenced, food microbiology laboratory and engineering properties of biological materials laboratory are being conducted by Prof P P Sutar and Prof R C Pradhan, respectively. PhD and M.Tech (R) students, under the guidance of Prof R C Pradhan are working on ‘thermal imaging’ and ‘membrane filtration’. Prof J Mitra’s field of research concerns development of anti microbial packaging material, Prof P P Sutar is working on microwave assisted drying and sterilization of Indian products and Prof S Mishra is conducting research on development of new food products from tribal agricultural produces.

Team MM congratulates the department for the achievement in an industrial project and hopes that all the endeavours are a success.