Welcoming Designers

It is that time of the year again, when the flock of new faces mix up with the existing NITR Junta. The Institute fresher’s being a huge success, it was now the time for the branch fresher’s to pop-up. 5th of September, 2014, will be etched in golden words in the history of Department of Industrial Design, as it marked the dual celebration of Teachers’ Day-cum-Freshers’ Welcome. 

The beginning of this benign evening was uniquely marked by the inauguration of the portrait of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan by the respected Head of Department, Prof. B B Biswal, sketched by a sophomore of the branch, Karan Chowdhury, we could not have hoped for a more sacred opening for the Teachers’ Day. This was inevitably followed by a cake-cutting ceremony, the size & decoration of cake being an element of surprise for the Teachers as well as the audience. A presentation was shown which broadened the horizons & the future of the branch welcoming the new fresher’s. Some videos specially recommended by Prof. Biswal were presented as a gift to the fresher’s. This marked the beginning of the cultural events which started with a solo & a group dance by the girls. This was very well appreciated by the crowd. There was also a group song contribution by the fresher boys. The snacks & cold-drinks served to the crowd were like a cherry on the cake of enjoyment. Ice-cream was a final add-on to this list of delicacies.

A healthy interaction between the existing & the new batch of students was the highlight of the freshmen show. The enjoyment of the new members knew no bounds when on the basis of some fun games, Pushpendu & Shreya were declared as Mr & Miss Fresher’s respectively by the final years. The grand night ended with a note from the final years, with an advice to the first years to gel up with seniors of the branch which would be of great help in the near future.