A "Mech-Carnival" To Remember

The Mechanical Engineering Department of NITR Rourkela hosted a splendid fresher’s meet which was almost like a carnival the audience wont’ forget for some time now. A Mech-Carnival. On 7th September, 2014, the sophomore Mechabulls (that’s what they call themselves) organized their departmental fresher’s at LA-204, starting at around 6pm. Every fresher in that room departed for hostel after feeling contented and satisfied. So did every organizing member who had taken great pains to host that gala evening for the ME batch of 2018/19. 

This is the ONLY fresher’s meet that is attended by Director Sir. His golden words:

Mechanical Engineering is the only B.Tech

It rung loud and clear in that humongous classroom with echoing walls. It uplifted the spirit of the crowd. The audience was addressed by Prof. S. Murugan Sir, Prof. S.Gangopadhyay Sir, Prof. A. Kumar Sir and Prof. S.K.Panda Sir. It was followed suit by the next set of cultural performances. It started with a second year student Saswat Mishra’s soulful rendition of the song “Tere Hoke Rehenge” which manifested in swaying hands and souls. Then he was followed by a few first year students name Abhratej, Mitesh and a few others. We saw a stand-up comedy from Mehul who tried his level best to land himself with the title of the Russell Peters of the Mechanical Engineering Department of NIT Rourkela. The Master of them all, Ashish Pradhan (lead vocalist of HeartBeats) took the stage and won over the crowd yet again.  There was a group song by three first year girls who sang the title track of “Aashayein”. The last singing performance was by Sudhisha who sang “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. A dance performance by Arup set the crowd shaking a leg too with him. It was followed by a short quiz which easy questions that can be worked out.

All in all, it was an event worth being a part of. A sophomore came up with this statement,

 “We showed it through our fresher’s that we create a benchmark wherever we go and in whatever we do.”

Clearly he was elated at their great efforts finally paying off. The food packets’ wholesomeness and quality was commendably lauded by everyone. The lucrative prizes for Mr. and Miss Mechanical Fresher were handed out to Arup and Sudhisha. A few final year students addressed the crowd all around, and everybody listened to them with rapt attention. They gave the final vote of thanks of the event. And that concluded a Sunday carnival for the Mechanical junta of NIT Rourkela.

After all, all’s well that ends well.