NITR’s Tryst with Research

Research has always been a stronghold of NITR. Be it academic research or industrial research, we have seen abundant notable figures that have displayed excellence and carved a niche for themselves in this highly demanding arena. The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a paradigm for others to emulate, considering the extensive research work it facilitates in diverse sectors.

Many specialized projects under faculties are underway that are set to make its mark in society. A project titled ‘Experimental and numerical investigation of dynamic behavior of de-laminated carbon epoxy CRMCs under hydro-thermal mechanical loading’ has been taken up by Prof. SK Panda and Prof. SS Mahapatra. Sponsored by DRDO, the estimated cost is around INR 59.6 lakhs. Dr. Manoj Masanta is undertaking a project titled ‘Development and characterization of hard and wear resistance TiB2-TiC ceramic composite coating on steel by electro discharge coating (EDC) process’. Spanning a duration of three years, this DST and SERB sponsored project has been sanctioned an amount of INR 26,50,000. Prof. Suman Ghosh has bagged two projects to his name – ‘A comprehensive investigation on flow structure of counter-current gas-liquid and liquid-liquid two-phase flow’ under Young Scientist Scheme sponsored by DST and ‘Experimental and numerical study of entrainment phenomenon in stratified liquid layers by imposing rotary motion’ under Indo-Portuguese Research Cooperation in Science & Technology sponsored by DST in India and FCT in Portugal.

The young PhD researchers too are leaving no stone unturned to complement their remarkable professors. In the recent past, many international research conferences have witnessed the attendance of NITRians. From the Department of Mechanical Engineering, PhD student Chinmaya Prasad Mohanty attended the ‘Asia Symposium on Engineering and Information’ in Bangkok. Another international conference on ‘Mechanical and Electrical Technology’ held at Bangkok was witnessed by four other PhD students, Bijaya, Kumar Abhishek, Preeti and Chavirtam. Two students, under the guidance of Prof. Alok Satapathy, attended the ‘International Scientific Conference on Engineering and Applied Sciences 2014’ held at Singapore. Recently, defence seminars have been organized in the campus for M. Tech. and PhD students.

In the field of product development, a patent has been filed for a portable washing machine, claimed to be the smallest washing machine in the world. Another patent and design registration has been applied for a portable water bottle with filtration system.

“Being an institute of national importance, we strive to invent products that shall prove essential for the goodwill of society”,

said Prof. SS Mahapatra, the HOD of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Noble thoughts, we say. May this endeavor be accomplished successfully.