Up the metallurgical and materials ante

The advent of a new academic year has bestowed the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering with overabundance of accolades.

Along with nations like Russia, USA, China and Japan, the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR) Ahmadabad, India, has taken under its acumen, the appreciative task of creating the TOKAMAK (Toroid-Kamera-Magnetic-Katushka); a device using a magnetic field to confine plasma in the shape of a torus. Under its aegis, the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has been sanctioned an amount of Rs. 25.64 lakh (Rs.14.38 lakh in the first year and Rs.11.26 lakh in the second year) for conducting a research project on “Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Brazed Joint-Ceramic Ring of HVB (High Voltage Bushing)” by BRFST. Ceramic metal Brazing components are essential parts of the TOKAMAK nuclear fuel reactor. The objective is to develop Alumina Kovar joints in three dimensions with height/diameter ratio-3/10 as per lower scale of original HVB (diameter-600mm, height-175mm) by active brazing and interlayer brazing processes. The project is being primarily administered by Dr. Swapan Kumar Karak(PI) and Dr. S Pal(co-PI),both Assistant Professors at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering and Dr. A.K Chakraborty (Collaborator), Project Manager of Diagnostic Neural Beam at IPR.

The department was sanctioned an enormous amount of Rupees One Crore and Seventy Five Lakh by the Government of India under the FIST program as financial assistance for a period of 5 years. The amount obtained shall be utilized to strengthen the research facilities of the department by procuring instruments such as XRD (with texture cradle), Creep Testing Machine, Optical Emission Spectrometer and other general components.
National Conference NCPCM-2014 was organized for the first time by the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department during 5th-6th December. More than 50 papers were presented and IOP of physics UK has agreed to publish these papers in their conference proceedings.
Furthermore, Dr. Santosh Kumar Sahoo , a faculty member of the department was awarded the SDT-TRA Fellowship for teaching and research purpose under the aegis of TR Anantram Education and Research Foundation ( Funded by SIR DORABJI, Tata Trust). He shall be attending Carnegi Mellan University for an entire semester.
Dr. S. Bel, Senior Scientific Officer of the aforesaid department was awarded on Good Governance Day (25th December) for the use of Technology and Innovation for promoting good governance.

Moreover, Dr. S.C Mishra, Head of the Department has been honored for publishing a manuscript on “Dielectric Behavior of Bio-Waste Reinforced Polymer Composites” at “Global Journal of Engineering Science and Researches”.
Team MM expresses its warm wishes to the Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Department and the various achievers for upholding the esteem of the department as well as the institute and hopes to witness many more accomplishments in the ensuing days.