A Versatile Guru

Deemed as one of the versatile professors of the institute, Prof. Swapan Kumar Karak has made considerable strides in the field of professing and other external areas as well. Hailing as the President in-charge of the Swimming Pool and the Vice President of the Games and Sports Society, Prof Karak has maintained his administrative responsibility in a quite appreciable manner.

Making rapid treads in the area of research and project work, Prof Karak has recently been successful in pursuing a research project on “Characterization and Numerical Simulation of Brazed Joint-Ceramic Ring of HVB (High Voltage Bushing)”  for the creation of the TOKAMAK (Toroid-Kamera-Magnetic-Katushka); as sanctioned by BRFST. Ceramic metal Brazing components are essential parts of the TOKAMAK nuclear fuel reactor. The objective is to develop Alumina Kovar joints in three dimensions with height/diameter ratio-3/10 as per lower scale of original HVB (diameter-600mm, height-175mm) by active brazing and interlayerbrazing processes. It is for this project, that the department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering has been sanctioned by BRFST under the head of BRNS.

In another of his recent endeavor, Prof Karak has, in collaboration with a Polish researcher Dr. Lutaz Cuipinski from Warsaw University, has carried out research work in “Development of Zirconium Based Alloys by Mechanical Alloying”. Under the collaborative auspices of the Department of Science and Technology (DST) in India and Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Government of Poland has through this project contributed to the applications and development of nuclear material.

Besides the major contributions, Prof Karak has had his research paper published in 10 scientific journals and had proceeded over about 10 conferences across the nation.

His competence and skills do not end at his academic achievements but are again reflected through his remarkable management of the Swimming Pool which has earned him applauds from both insiders as well as outsiders. From having led the swimming pool to be referred to as one of the best in the region to holding events where celebrated guests such as Bula Chowdhury has made their presence, Prof Karak has managed his administrative chores quite deftly glorifying our institute on a diverse platform.

Team MM wishes Prof Karak well wishes for his ensuing enterprises.