Another Acomplishment Added

After achieving a milestone by bagging the very prestigious ‘MEAI-Smt. Bala Tandon Memorial Award, 2013-14’, Prof. D.P. Tripathy (from the Dept. Of Mining Engineering) never paused. His continuous contribution to the mining industry through his stalwart research is evidently visible through his perpetuating efforts.

Although the mining industry has contributed immensely to the large scale industrialization and development, there are some inevitable problems which, if not checked could be eventually harmful. Prof. Tripathy is one such researcher who studies different methods of monitoring these levels of dust in open cast coal projects in particular to put a check on them. Recently, he attended the 2nd International Conference on ACSEE-2014 at Zurich, Switzerland held during 25-26th October, 2014. He presented his paper titled “Monitoring and Prediction of Fugitive Dust Concentration in an Opencast Coal Project using AERMOD.”

His paper focussed on real time monitoring of dust level at different sources of mechanised coal mines using DustTrak II, a dust monitor. This would further predict the dust concentration at different locations of the mine and nearby areas using AERMOD view software, a complete air dispersion modelling package. The paper also summarizes the findings of dust measurement at different places in different size range and using meteorological data and AERMOD software dust concemtration around the mines were predicted.

The conference was organised by IRED (The Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors), USA. It was attended by participants from 52 countries round the globe. Dr. Tripathy’s work was highly applauded. Team MM congratulates him for another splendid research, presented at the global stage.