Architects of the First Freshers

The most awaited event which serves as a platform for interaction between the seniors and the freshmen, has seen its dawn in the Institute. Following the Institute Freshers on the 31st of August, the first departmental freshers witnessed was that of the Department of Planning and Architecture, on the 1st of September.

With its commencement around 6:30 in the evening, the event continued till 9 at night, in the Lecture Gallery. The evening began with the short, brief, enlightening words of wisdom by the respective Professors of the department. Following this was a small video cum presentation (Link: that was prepared by the students, depicting the journey of the department –from its establishment to its present day reputation, and the students’ remarkable effort for its recognition. Hogging the limelight, this small video stole numerous hearts that evening. Following this was a cake-cutting ceremony, meant to mark the very first freshers’ welcome of the department.

As the night drew closer, there were enthralling performances by the students of either years. Graceful moves, complementing with gorgeous voices occupied a major part of the evening. Moreover, an entertaining skit was also put forth by the enthusiastic first year students. Towards the close, a couple of fun events were arranged to pick the Mr. and Miss. Freshers.
Wholly planned and organized by the second year students, the function saw its way smoothly through the evening. Though interrupted by power cuts, this event was all-in-all a success. Gathering from the freshers’ feedback, we also know about the innovative ideas, the pleasing decoration, and the friendly interactions.
Walking through the unfamiliar aisles, this new department has been taking tiny steps to get there. With the first freshers being a success, the department grows, not just as a family but also on its professional front. Having begun with 29, this department is a family of 62 today; and is yet to see many more freshers in the years to come.