Bringing Laurels to the Institute

Winning a national competition and that too, by a student of one of the youngest departments of our college is no small matter, and Arunima Saha of the Planning and Architectural Department has done exactly that.

Arunima Saha has won the third Prize in the national design competition conducted by the Aditya Birla Group- namely, YUVARATNA. And by doing so, she has put our institution on the radar among prestigious Architectural colleges too.
The design problem was floated in the class as an assignment by the Design Faculty for the second Year Students- Dr Arup Das. The first and second years’ topic was to design a Primary school and the third and fourth years’ had to design a Secondary school next to the Primary school site at Phulgaon village, around 30 kms away from Pune city, which has Bhima River flowing along one of its end.

The Problem was to design a primary school which would be sustainable in the constructional sense and also, a bit different from the run of the mill schools in the sense that it will propagate skill based learning. These two elements had to be included in the very typology of its planning.

Designing the Primary school on the highly contoured site was a major challenge. The site also had a river running to its north. Hence the design had to take into account- the children' safety too, while designing. Structurally, implementation of shell structures, ferro-cement etc were practiced, which was a rather bold, but interesting undertaking by a second year student. The form of the shell structures and the volumetric treatment of the spaces were also well thought after. Interior of the buildings had a column free execution; giving it an airy feel.

Her design also takes into account low cost and sustainable solutions to the climatic and energy problems the site demanded. Orientation to the sun, to optimum light, cooling by micro climate control through vegetation were some of these solutions used – to turn nature onto itself.

Furthermore, the design excluded the use of mechanical air cooling services which brought down the environmental impact further down making it more sustainable. The design had interesting structures derived from nature and man-made alike. The lotus structure housing the classrooms and the Udaan (paperplane) structure housing the senior classrooms, creates interesting avenues passively and satisfies the exploratory mindset of the kids.

The design also sported a cafeteria, playground, administrative offices, health centre, library etc.

Arunima Saha and her Guide in the project, Dr. Arup Sir received a memento,  certificates and a cash prize worth 15000 from the Aditya Birla Group at the Prize distribution ceremony after a Poster Presentation of the selected Design Portfolio by the contestants, held at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.

Winning a national award at such a young age, invokes and instills a sense of inspiration among other fellow students to achieve more and get the institutes’ name to higher benchmarks. Winning this prestigious award proves the potential of the fresh and young branches of our institute and their capabilities to fight on the international platform. Words quoted by Dr. Arup Das ( studio advisor ) find an exact place here

     The first ripple has been created, the waves are yet to come!.