Erudites from ‘The Land of Rising Sun’

The institute successfully ascended another global stair by witnessing the visit of two very renowned scientists from Japan. Prof. Masamichi Kamihira and Prof. Ijima from the department of chemical engineering, Kyushu University, Japan visited the institute on 13th -14th February, 2015 for delivering an expert lecture and discussion on possible collaboration.

The subject of their oration was Skeletal Muscle Tissue Engineering using Magnetic- Tissue Engineering Techniques. They graced the institute seminar in presence of our reverent director, Prof S.K Sarangi and other intellectual professors, held at senate hall on 13th February by enunciating on the aforementioned topic supplemented by display of an informative presentation showcasing the new-fangled and innovative researches that they pursue in their laboratory of biotechnology and biosciences. The main focus of the seminar was on new material development. The lecture basically encapsulated skeletal muscle tissue engineering using magnetic force based technique and skeletal muscle tissue formation from Myoblasts. The thumbnail of the talk was-

Functional skeletal tissue constructs can be fabricated from myoblasts by Mag-TE techniques. Contractile force generation ability of artificial skeletal muscle tissue constructs can be improved by electrical pulse stimulation .An index parameter for the electrical pulse stimulation program of artificial skeletal muscle tissue constructs was proposed.

The cessation of their extremely enlightening lecture was followed by the doubt clearing session which was extremely interactive. This was chased by felicitation ceremony in which Prof. K Pramanik, HOD of biotechnology and medical engineering department presented them a small token of regard on behalf of our institute and also thanked them for visiting our institute thereby enlightening our students. 

During their visit, they also interacted with the students and the faculty members for which a schedule had been prepared. They dropped around the laboratories of BT/BM department and were highly impressed to see that the department is well equipped with highly sophisticated and advanced instruments .They also paid a visit to the library and institute campus in general.The delegates were also taken for sightseeing to some beautiful places of Rourkela.

Team MM had a small cosy chat with the Japanese delegates:

MM: How was your visit to NITR?

JD: It was a very good experience. Students of NITR are extremely dextrous and the eco-friendly atmosphere of NITR contributes in making an environment best suited for pursuing studies.

MM: Which places in Rourkela did you pay your visit to and how was your experience?

JD: We rode off to Hanuman Vatika which is a wonderful place. We also feel a sense of belongingness to India as Indian culture is quite similar to that of Japanese culture with the commonness being Buddhism. Many Japanese follow Buddhism with immense devotion with India being the origin of aforementioned religion.

MM: How will you rate NITR to that of other institutes that you have visited before?

JD: We have been to IIT, Kanpur and we think that they are very much similar on academic grounds.  Biotechnology and biomedical engineering are emerging branches in India and if the students work hard in the above field then with some financial support, they can easily go and work abroad where lot of researches are being undertaken in the same field.

MM: Is it possible for students of NITR to go and work in your laboratory for research purpose or for internships?

JD: Yes, it is very well possible but the students need to have financial support. Although the university provides scholarships and funds but since there is a tough competition outside, so the students need to work hard and grab it.

MM: Any final message that you would like to convey to the students of NITR?

JD: Young generation is the strength of the nation. Students should therefore work hard in their fields of interest related to academics and then they can easily soar greater heights and make nation proud.

Their visit was concluded by a discussion with tissue engineering related and other interested faculties on future collaboration between NIT Rourkela and Kyushu University, Japan. This discussion also put forth the idea of formation of a healthy Indo-Japan relationship between NIT Rourkela, IIT Kanpur and Kyushu University Japan.

The visit was highly enlightening and Team MM wishes all the luck to the department of biotechnology and medical engineering to witness more such visits.