A talk on Patent Publication

The patent system is the most prolific and up-to date source of information on applied technology. Patents contain detailed technical information which often cannot be found anywhere else: up to 80% of current technical knowledge can only be found in patent documents. Patents grant their owner a monopoly over an invention as defined by the “claims”. Publication, presentation and filing a patent are activities that publicize research results and contribute to the society. While filing a patent is expensive and time consuming, it is a shortcut to commercialization and use in the industrial world. Indian researchers generally go for publishing research papers instead of filing Patent applications. Is it the lack of awareness or cost involved the real reason?

Keeping aforementioned question in mind, Center of excellence- Orthopedic Tissue Engineering and Rehabilitation, TEQUIP- II organised an interaction with Mr K.K Modak (Advocate and IPR Attorney, Government of India) regarding patent publication The seminar took place in the BT/BM seminar room on 13 March, 15 and continued for around 2 hours starting from 4:00 PM. Interested faculty members and research scholars were invited for this interactive session. 

Mr K.K Modak has more than 36 years of experience in handling IPR issues. You name anything in IPR; he has a solution ready in minutes for you. He served the government of India in the capacity of Examiner, Sr. Examiner, Assistant Controller of Patents and Designs and Deputy Controller of Patents and Designs at the Indian Patent office prior to his retirement. He has been a boon to the firm since the time he joined and has helped the firm to grow its image in the last few years. He has been instrumental for providing guidance and supports in the field of patents, trademarks, industrial designs and geographical indications.


The interaction was highly apprising and will definitely prove to be of great help to the research scholars in filing patents.