An Erudite Expedition: MITACS GlobaLink

In another addition to the InternViews section, Team MM brings to you the experiences of Miss Arpan Suravi Prasad of ECE department on her prestigious internship in Canada through Mitacs Globalink. 

Why to Choose?

Canada is a domicile to imbued students from all over the world for research. It encompasses immense technical research work and a world leader in a new era of research. Professors here are considered to be one of the best because of their proven expertise in the invention of new technologies and innovative ideas to solve global issues. MITACS is an excellent network which gives a marvellous opportunity to students of foreign countries to step up to the challenge of advanced research. It provides opportunity for higher studies as well as connecting with industries in Canada to the former Mitacs Interns. 

Also the stipend offered by this program is very good so that you can live comfortably as well as explore the city*.

Selection Procedure

There is a project list together with the information regarding project description, student roles and required Skills. You have to choose 8 projects according to your choice. 

Certain questions such as Research Rationale, General description of Skills, Background Knowledge, Research Interests, Notable achievements etc. are also posed.

On the basis of these answers as well as CV and grade sheet, it will be sent to the concerned professor. They may have interviews, depending on the professor.


A minimum CGPA of 8.0 and a good background in research (preferably in the field of the professor under which you plan to apply), a good CV, a good recommendation  and good grades in the subjects matching the area of interest of the professor. I took recommendation from S.K.Patra Sir (ECE Dept.).What I realise by connecting with the MITACS interns is that CV is a more important aspect than CGPA.

Internship Experience 


There is 40 hours per week work contract with MITACS which you have to oblige. My project was about “Medical Image Processing of Coronary Arteries” in collaboration with a hospital in Canada. It was a research based project and I had the opportunity to learn a lot of things during this internship. Also the professors are really down to earth and are willing to help you anytime and also sometimes work along with you. 

MITACS organizes workshops and Industry visits to some amazing places like Google, Bell helicopters, EA Games, Bombardier Aerospace etc. 


Now this was the best part of my internship wherein I got the opportunity to meet people from many parts of the world and learn more about them. You get to make new friends and go on many amazing trips. Some of the prominent ones on which I’ve been to are Niagara Falls, Quebec City, 1000 Islands etc. Also I went for hiking, camping, canoeing etc. Also you learn to manage your expenses and learn how to cook which I believe is an essential skill in the long run.Place of working 

My university was École de technologie supérieure (ETS). It was located in downtown Montreal. I was in a diverse work space where there were people from India, Iran, Mexico, Canada, China, Brazil, etc. It was a great experience working with them. 

City and Accommodation 

I did my internship in the city of Montreal which is a beautiful place to be in during the summers. The weather is really amazing and the city is really lively with lots of festivals happening all the time. Some of them include the Mural festival, Zombie walk, Fireworks festival, just for laughs gags. 

The accommodation was provided in the university residences of University of Montreal. The room has a bed, a locker, a fridge, a sink, a telephone, a study table and a chair. Unfortunately you don’t get a fan, but trust me you won’t need it. There is a microwave in each floor which you can use to cook. Also there is a common kitchen with stoves, Microwaves and Ovens where you can make food. 

Tips to aspiring students 

Give importance to the practical applications of the things those are taught to you in the daily classes as well as do some practical experiments on the basis of theory. I was from the ECE branch and I was an active member of CYBORG which really helped me in identifying the field in which I want to work in as well as did the projects which reflected in my CV. During the vacations most of the time I spend in the institute to do some projects or organise workshops for Cyborg. So it was easy for me to fill my CV. So I believe you should try to explore and try to identify the field of research you are interested in. One more thing I will suggest is to check Internshala for internship updates and start applying from the beginning of the academic year. Try to send personal mails to the professors of some Universities. They also provide good stipend.

 I found that it is not the number of selected students, rather the number of students applying for foreign internships that is less in our institute. Even the students from not so renowned institute of India got selected from Mitacs. So we have to change the perception that only IITians gets selected. Everyone seeking for higher studies should apply. If not for higher studies, at least you should try for going abroad.