A Taste of Delhi: Anmol Dalmia

An Intern at IIT Delhi is a luxury few can afford. Here's Anmol Dalmia, a student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering with his experiences about his summer in the sultry capital city of Delhi.

1.What appealed to you the most when it came to choosing this intern?

IITD being one of the premier institutes of the country has a very high reputation in the field of academia. Having completed my second year, it was very apt for me to join the institute for a summer research fellowship. Some major prospects for the same were guidance from Prof M Balakrishnan of the institute who is a renowned figure in the field of hardware. Moreover, the programme offered a fellowship of ₹ 500 per week and travel expenses along with hostel accommodation and mess facility inside the campus, which is more than one would ask for. But on a franker note, the internship was the only viable option for me as I had started applying for the internships very lately. I had missed opportunities for IITM, IITB, IAS, IAF and other renowned and vital internship offers due to lack of proper knowledge. So, I was left with very few options and by grace, I got into this one.

2.Selection Procedure:

The application process was completely online. Various documents, namely the grade card, the rank card, a photograph and a No-Objection-Certificate (NOC) from the Institute were asked for the application. The selection process involved students from non- IIT background who were within top 10 in rank in their respective branches. Finally, 20 students were selected for the fellowship from different institutes of the nation. The selection for the projects was mainly based on the Statement of Interest of the applicant and then Professors sharing the same field were allotted to the students at IITD. Overall, correctness of the documents, interest statement, academic and relevant performance and prospects for research were the major factors which resulted in the selection of a student.

3.Pre – requisites for getting through

 As such, there were no pre-requisites on the techno scale of the student. The major requirement was that the student must have an impressive academic record as represented by his rank card in her/his respective branch of study. This fellowship was meant mostly for the junior year (3rd year) students but was also open for the sophomores, although selection of sophomores was really scanty. A crucial requirement is the NOC which must be duly signed by an authoritative figure of the parent institute and must be carefully forged by the student. Due to a stubbornly negative response to sign the NOC for me by the Head of the Department, Comp. Sc. And Engg. here, I had to obtain the NOC from the Dean, Academics. At first, the NOC I furnished was rejected by IITD due to some anomalies in the format but then, after some more efforts, a second attempt resulted in success. So, the point is that proper documents and a good educational record are the greatest pre-requisite here.4.Your Internship experience.

The experience was very nice. I had the opportunity to work on two projects rather than a single one. For the first 3 weeks, I was involved in works with a programmable chip called an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array), which is a mode of rapid prototyping for digital hardware. I implemented some basic as well as some advanced circuitry in the chip after which I got into the Design and Innovation workshop. In this workshop, I got to learn about the basic steps that are taken for developing a product, testing it and finally launching it into the market. A “technopreneurial” approach was what was inculcated in the participants in this workshop. It also was even more special because it oriented us to create a usable product for the unprivileged section of the society, namely the disabled communities for the blind, the deaf, etc. In this workshop, we developed a product, an obstacle detection device for the Visually Impaired wheelchair users, which we called Project Umeed.

Eventually, working for both the projects brought to me tonnes of experience and practical knowledge which would have hitherto been unexplored. And working for the society while having research too is a rare opportunity to have for which I am grateful to have had. More detail on our product- based project can be obtained from the following link:


5.Brief description about your place of working, accommodation and the city where you worked. 

I had the opportunity to work in the city of New Delhi. The city in itself is as marvellous as it is harsh. With breath-taking monuments to breath-clogging pollution, the city of Delhi had its own charms on me. It was very hot during the summers and staying outside hostel or institute was a great challenge unless enthusiasm backs one.

IIT Delhi was a very nice workplace. The faculties as well as the staff were highly cooperative and helped pass the direst of my times there. I worked in the Digital Hardware Design lab of the Computer Science department there which was air conditioned and provided a very suitable and peaceful environment to work. The instruments and systems were also aesthetically and practically pleasing.

As for the accommodation, I was provided free accommodation and food facilities by IIT Delhi. I stayed in the Girnar House at IITD which was predominantly for the PG students. The hostel culture and environment were very healthy and the people were more than friendly.

Overall, it would be a 5 of 5 stars to the place.

“A personal advice to all those who aspire for this internship would be to have a good academic and a better aptitude record. But the matter of foremost importance is the attitude for research. Without a proper mind-set for the work, no working environment can bring out the best in you. Working on research projects is challenging as it requires a lot of patience and may not even result positively always. The selection process for this internship makes sure that students with such background and zeal are chosen and so, to get this one in hand, one needs to have the right passion for research. The process is especially rigorous for the sophomores as they are not generally selected and even if they are, their ordeal is more difficult because the projects are challenging. So I’d strongly suggest that aspiring people try to develop a healthy view towards research. All the best.”