Placement Policy 2014-15

There will be following THREE categories of companies:



Company Type*




Up to  4.5



Between 4.5 to 7.0


Super Dream

Above 7.0


1. B.Tech and Dual Degree Students

• A student can have maximum of ONE job each in Category-I (Normal), Category-II (Dream) and Category-III (Super Dream) companies. 

• A student placed in a higher category company will not be permitted to sit for another company of lower category.  

2. M Tech Students

• A student can have a maximum of one job in normal category (CATEGORY-I) of companies and also he/she can have a maximum of one job EITHER in CATEGORY II OR CATEGORY III of companies. However, if a student is first placed in a company under CATEGORY II or III, he/she will not be permitted to sit for any other company. 

3. MBA/M.Sc/M.A. Students

• MBA/ M.Sc/M.A. Students shall be allowed to have only one job only (Category I/II/III). 

The placement policy will be adhered to during the academic year 2014-15. However, if felt necessary, the policy may be reviewed towards the beginning of the spring semester and the changes thereof will be communicated to the all the concerned stakeholders. 


• A student, while accepting a job offer in a company of superior category, automatically forfeits the job in a company of lower category that he/she might have been offered earlier.  

• The eligibility criteria for placement in a company are notified through notice prior to the beginning of the process or during the pre-placement talk by the company. Every student must check his/her eligibility for the placement in a company in accordance with the criteria set by the company. However, if it is found that a student has not followed the same and has tried to manipulate, disciplinary actions, as deemed fit, will be taken by the institute. 

* CTC alone does not always capture the actual value of offers. The reputation of the company and the quality of job offered would also be taken into account while classifying the companies. The decision on the type of company will be notified before every placement activity.