Cracking the Placement Protocol

The arrival of the placement and internship season drives all the senior batch students into a bundle of nerves. All those seeking a job or an internship in a reputed firm or organization sweat it out to put their best foot forward and bag the offer. But only a few of the lot grab the golden opportunities. Did the rest not work hard enough? Or did they not work smart enough? There is a difference.

The Training and Placement Cell of NITR recently organized a training session for the senior batches on placement process. Aimed at acquainting the students with the selection procedure of companies, it provided valuable guidelines to the students to crack the procedure. Tutoring the attendees on the recruitment and screening process, it advised the students to do extensive research of the company they are applying for. Tips to improvetheir curriculum vitae, appearing for online tests, handling interviews and group discussions and interacting with the HR team were discussed. 

Every year companies conduct on-campus recruitment programs seeking the best talents suitable for their companies. Briefing of the students on the job profile, facilities, salary, etc. is presented by the hiring team. They seek signs of interest on behalf of the students and judge them not only on the basis of technical know-how, but also on soft skills and general cognizance about their company and the field of work they are into. A perpetual impression on the hirers indeed lasts long and not only do they hire from the institute in good numbers offering handsome packages; they also refer the institute to other companies doing recruitments. This helps to increase the network and gradually placements shoot up. This is where one’s intellect and professionalism comes to play. Putting up a dismal front not just diminishes your chance of selection, but it may also indirectly have adverse implications on the future placements. The current session educated the students on the ethics of the hiring process and surpassing the stringent screening hurdles.   

Organized just prior to the arrival of big shot companies like Goldman Sachs Inc. and Tata Steel, the session saw the attendance of nearly 200 students. Conducted especially for the third years, it was open for most of the branches such as CS, ECE, EI, ME, MM and MN. Mock Group Discussions were organized on the subsequent days which saw the participation of a handful of students on the second day. This clearly speaks about the level of interest shown by the students which are a direct reflection of the placement statistics.    

Lesson learnt. Working hard is not enough. One should know where to concentrate one’s efforts to maximize the yield. Let’s not blame the lack of opportunities for the woeful situation of the placement record. At the end of the day, opportunities are meant to be created, not granted.