OHD- From the Audiences' Chair

Sandwiched between a primeval panel of the authority, lied a crowd of students hoping to hear the panel say: “Don’t worry everything will get better”.

This is what was going through everybody’s mind at the Open House Discussion held recently. This discussion was the best thing that happened to this institute in many years which can act as a platform to bring the most obscure issues into light. It has the capacity to voice the concern of the students in front of the draconian authority completely oblivious of the student’s problems. Not to sound chimerical but maybe this discussion has that capacity to transform this institute to the so called utopian one we’ve all been dreaming of. But as far as this semester is concerned, no real fruits can be reaped looking at the answers given by the panel. Even though the voices of students were heard they seemed to be still dancing to their own composed tunes of how everything still has the possibility to get better but at the moment cannot because it is and will be under construction like the buildings on campus.

From the SAC’s budget allocation to institute’s leave policy; from the present state of the internet, to entry time in the girls’ hostel, were some of the issues haunting the NITR junta till date. These issues have become so banal over the days that the junta learnt to live with them until the day of the discussion that they saw would be the best time to put an end to their sufferings. Rourkela is a town and not a city roared a member of the panel when confronted about the return timing of girls to the hostel. Malware is the problem prodded, another member of the panel when asked about the internet issue. Bills have been duly updated and budgets have been fairly distributed chided another member. Then why do students still feel a certain incompleteness?

Stories of how the Cyberoam functions or how BSNL is to be blamed for not being able to provide net on the day of the presidential address did not seem to provide solace to the students. Many were left baffled when they heard that the sole problem for the erratic net was because their laptops did not have a proper malware. When everything seems lost, it’s only natural to seek solace in happy days of yore. The NITR junta might well resort to this therapy as it staggers from one problem to another; after all, it must be scraping the bottom after failing solve any problem completely so far. One has to only go back another decade to be confronted with a scarier precedent.

With the dust having yet to settle on the contentious issue of so-called ‘budget allocation’, what could be called the politics of competitive allotment has taken yet another turn in NIT Rourkela. In a bid to promote the so called wishes of students for a DJ night and  more fun nights – and by doing so presumably broaden its authority  base – the panel blames the whims and fancies of the students for the low allotment of the budget  to technical side. So, can the panel in charge actually draw confidence from the reverses on the current discussion? Can we expect them to deliver a telling future at the right time, on the one stage that matters? Perhaps not. After all in the words of Albert Einstein

     Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning

we only can hope for the best.