On Saving Water

To the competent authority

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela

His Excellency



Assuming that we can bypass all those formalities to keep this letter an informal one, I would like to bring to your notice the problem which is threatening the very existence of life on planet earth: the water crisis. I feel that it's rather unnecessary to tell you more about it, we are all earthlings. Hence let's just get to the point.

Given that we are one of the premier Technological (?) Institutes of the nation, it's on our shoulders to take steps towards preventing/handling this above mentioned crisis. But very unfortunately we, ourselves, are victims of the problem. It has been rather commonplace for students to go for a wash and find that there is no water on the taps. Also, the fact remains that the resources of National Institute of Technology, Rourkela are consumed mostly by its staff and students. Therefore it logically follows that we are responsible for this water crisis here. In fact, we definitely are using more water than necessary. In other words we are wasting away the water resources that are so gracefully bestowed upon us.

For instance, some students find it a luxury to take a bath, and hence take two or more baths a day (days on which there is water in the taps) which rarely improves the hygienic conditions of the environment but is a wastage of water. 

Hence, we feel that measures must be taken to prevent the unwise wastage of water. We beg you to impose some restrictions on the per head water usage within this Institute, so that the people may understand the value of water and prepare themselves for life outside the walls of this institute where water is not given away for free but bought. Also, use of toilet paper in place of water should be encouraged (It may even be necessary to put some restrictions on that too, because paper is made from wood pulp, which comes from trees).

Therefore we request you to give more attention to this issue than worrying about lesser and mundane matters like per head internet usage. As we are a Technological (?) university, we feel that, we should be worrying less about the issues related to internet and more about more important issues like the water crisis.


The guy who used an unflushed toilet