World Water Week

Given the historic high temperatures and erratic rainfalls that pummeled the world  this season, it might be easy to overlook how devastating India’s summer will be as well. As our winter season draws to a close it has been clear that the paltry rains and cold days have done nothing to alleviate the epic droughts. January has been the one of the hottest months even though it was a winter. Groundwater levels are at an all-time low.

We’re not just up a river without a paddle but we’re losing the river too. As difficult as it may be to face, the simple fact is that India is running out of water — and the problem started before our current drought.

Think about what it will look like if India experiences another dry autumn and the drought churns into another year. There could be heated regional fights over water rights and state of our hostels would be unimaginable. If such a state continues there is nothing we can do than bemoan the seriousness of the droughts.  While we can hope Mother Nature to change its course, we can do much more to conserve water. The dramatic scene from the near-barren lakebed of rivers is a reminder of the impact of drought and the imperative to change our mindset about water. Still, we need to change our behavior and our thinking that we have water in abundance.

It is expected to issue some aggressive conservation guidelines on water usage from our hostel level to every neighbourhood in India. But we don't need to wait for state or local water officials to issue new directives in order to do something. Here are some easy-to-understand measures suggested by the Water Agency that can make a difference: Taking shorter showers can be a starting step in the hostels. Usage of taps cautiously is another vital step in saving water. We all need to realize that we live in an arid state, and take additional measures to cut back even more on water consumption. That means residents need to be cognizant of the water they use, making wise use of every drop.  Truth is some people will still ignore mandatory conservation measures but most people especially our NITians will follow the law, as everyone will feel a stronger sense of urgency. Everyone will need to focus on water conservation as a way of life.

In an effort to raise awareness, conserve and use water resources in an integrated manner, “world water week” will be observed this week with the theme "Water Management for Sustainable Development". Grounder Water is like a Bank account, we are using it for taking loans and we are not depositing any savings and as well we are not thinking about paying the loan systematically and this water week initiatives should be made to conserve this ground water. It's looking like a long, hot summer — and it's going to be even more parched if we don’t get the idea of the water week which is to use water in a sustainable manner not only in the hostels but in our homes as well.