An Open Letter.

Dear Young Engineers and Scientists,

This is the appeal of parents of your friends, who have been expelled by your Institute on the ground that they had been found guilty for active involvement in ragging to freshers. We are not pleading for their innocence and non-involvement in the above unfortunate act; rather we would like to bring the following facts for your kind attention and necessary action.

You are all aware that ragging in any manner to the freshers is strictly and statutorily prohibited. But some of your friends opine that as because, they had been ragged by so-called seniors, they feel proud to rag the freshers as a matter of tradition. Definitely and judiciously, this is a wrong practice. It is learnt that so called seniors impose restrictions to the freshers in going to canteen, cafeteria, roaming in the campus in a group etc. This has become an unwritten law, which is unwarranted. It is needless to mention here that freshers, who come from different nook and corner of the country, feel aloof as they are separated from their parents and try to adjust with you in a different environment. Such imposition of confinement and restrictions to the freshers do not serve any purpose, rather create a sense of untouchability and enhance their mental agony. Everybody wants a free environment to pursue their studies. In this situation, they need proper counseling, love and affection, guidance from the seniors. It is pertinent to state that respect to the seniors should not be demanded; rather it must be earned by establishing cordial and friendly relationship with the freshers.

It will not be out of place to state that your expelled friends have been undergoing terrible mental shock and agony, ever since the expulsion notice has been served upon them. Being the parents of those unfortunate students, May we request all of you with folded hands to give up the practice of restrictions imposed to freshers, so that this remarkable new trend will enable the freshers to feel homely and they will start respecting you for your love, concern and affection.

We hope that this letter serves as a guiding light to all students to eradicate the age-old tradition of restrictions/ confinement imposed on freshers, by virtue of which, an healthy academic atmosphere will be maintained in the campus.

Your kind cooperation in the above matter is solicited and appreciated.

With best wishes for a bright future.

Parents of those unfortunate expelled students.