A Futile Feast


The Chief Warden

National Institute of Technology, Rourkela


Mr. Chief Warden Sir,

With all due respect, we would like to point out that the quality of food provided during the garden fest of M S Swaminathan Hall of Residence on 14th November of 2014 was extremely low and the per plate cost of provided food was much less than that was allocated.

We the boarders of the above mentioned Hall are deeply disappointed with this sort of highly irresponsible organisation of the above mentioned event. We would also like to remind you that, in this democratic nation of ours public opinion reserves a high value in everything. Personally, I feel that this national ethic has been violated during the organisation of the above mentioned fest. I can clearly remember that when I was a boarder of G D Birla Hall of residence during the academic year 2012-13, the opinions of all the boarders used to be taken before every such event and consequently the organisation of the events used to be much better, disciplined and qualitative.

Here, somehow we feel that the authorities are not showing proper amount of inclination and dedication towards proper organisation of these events. And if they think so, then we are forced to believe that they are consciously exploiting the organisational power bestowed on them by us boarders.

Hence, we expect proper actions to be taken soon.



The boarders of M S Swaminathan Hall of Residence

National Institute of Technology


November 14, 2014



We would also like to remind you that, in the world outside this sort of irresponsible organisation of any event would have attracted a lot of highly indisciplined actions consequently forcing the authorities to consider and act as soon as possible. But we are NITians and we have a set of moral, social and disciplinary values to stick to and we choose to stick to those values. But that does not mean that, our choices are fruits of our inactions.


Thomas Edison famously said that genius requires “1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” Recently our campus witnessed an extravaganza in the form of a tech fest (according to the organizing committees), which is a cynosure of all the engineering guys and girls of NIT. Personally for me, it was one of those times of the year where maybe I’d get to see some real talent of my fellow students and maybe get inspired. So, I began waiting for the day to come when I’d get to see some real creativity and find some much needed solace from our professor’s repeated slides. As the day was about to near, I saw that  the walls were amassed with posters of all the events going to take place and it got me really excited, that all my patience so far, was not a complete waste.



Back some years ago, this great nation of India was born, and so it is quite natural that a country having such an historical record should have that strong Indian spirit that has not only made it the most envisaged economic center of this world, but also one of the largest democracies. India with a population of over 1.2 billion, which is a sixth of world’s population recently witnessed the largest successful democratic election. Many days after the election and  through continuous exchange of ideas within the government came a movement called the “SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAN”.This was sought to be  India’s biggest cleanliness drive and is billed as the most ambitious attack on  dirt.  When this idea came to light as any new idea would experience this so called “abhiyan”  faced certain risks and potential pitfalls that could derail it.


The GS Hall of Residence

                                                  “Remember remember, 27th of October
                                                    when Gajju in his dreams began to murmur
                                                    that why not create a hall for the minority,
                                                    when they can’t get them out of the hall for the majority”

                                                    So was the idea that he was elated,
                                                    when others learnt they appreciated;
                                                    'cause they knew he was right,
                                                    and he is the one who can write;
                                                    And as the idea started to dense,
                                                    He started to jot down “GS Hall of Residence”


Can you find the word that I am looking for?

Yes, this is National Institute of Technology. Apparently. 

Assuming the above statement is true, I welcome you to a land of cultural bounty and splendor. We celebrate four important college festival every year, namely- The multi-ethnic cultural fest, Innovision: The Techno-Management fest, Nitrutsav: Again a cultural fest, and ISM: The International Students’ Meet.