A Dystopia of Sense, Nonsense & Hyper-Nonsense

As a teen, I used to read a lot of Orwellian novels. I was particularly a lover of 1984, and Animal Farm, both classic depictions of a system gone wrong. Later on as I graduated to a Brave New World & Ray Bradbury’s epic Fahrenheit 451, I began to grasp the solemn truth of how an entity may twist itself to become exactly that which it is not supposed to become. I thought my knowledge of dystopia and the chaos surrounding it was complete. Whether it was the Congress party being bludgeoned in the elections, or Indian cricket team’s decimal England tour, nothing surprised me. Then suddenly, NITR decided to revamp the internet rules, curtly setting it to 300 MB of download a day. And for the first time, I began to look at dystopia in a whole new way.


The Case of the Independent Health Centre

Dear Whoever-takes-care-of-students'-health-here-in-NitR-and-will-care-to-hear-my-cry,

Stating that I write this from my bed, being deprived of witnessing the Independence Day extravaganza as a result of cunningly indirect faults of Institutional agents, I require you to grieve over my whatsoever small proportion of loss and pain. And take responsibility. Let me tell you a story, for I am sure, your liking for one has not vanished entirely.


The Guy Who Ate the Chicken

To the concerned authority,

Neither you nor I are suffering from polio nor malnutrition, we ought to congratulate each other on that, I guess its good manners. But it doesn't mean that we don't respect the organisms, which do suffer from severe physical deformities for no fault of their own but due to the cruel naturalities of the nature.