Messy Night-Canteen Crunch

The NITR Junta was promised a very high rate of improvement in the hostel mess & of course the night canteen, the essence of survival of most of the inmates. Now, it is time to get down to reality & understand the problems the boarders are facing after the oh-so enjoyable vacations. As you move your eyes through the upcoming lines, you will definitely get a sneak-peek into the mess & night canteen arrangement in halls. 


The Mess Affairs

The very allude of MESS brings to the minds of students of NIT Rourkela a feeling of hostility for the officials, a thought that things can never change for the greater good. But is it really so, will the feeling of being ‘sap’ always continue to torment the so called ‘Technical Masters’ ? Well a little sneak peek into the system brings out more nuts than stones.

In all the boys’ hostels, the repairing of dining tables has taken place, which has been one of the positive moves. The utensils have been changed and sufficient number added to give the mess a finishing look. But we cannot compromise with the mismanagement of utensils which renders it short for many boarders, especially in mighty VS Hall. Most of the boarders were misled when they found out words written in big letters near the cycle stand of DBA and MSS hall, ‘K.R PATEL CAFETERIA’, only to realise a single Lipton coffee machine present in the mess, at the expense of evening snacks. Previously, NIT Rourkela was the part of a few technical institutes to provide food four times a day. 

 More than half of the students do not eat snacks

is the reason mentioned for this tyrant action. Some say Ph.D and M.Tech students seemed to have initiated this move considering the sky-high fee hike of their fees. Also the cancelling of the evening snacks even after a hike in mess dues in HB Hall continues to be a mystery. After a hectic day full of classes, one would expect to have some snacks as refreshment and everyone has been curbed with this multi-advantageous facility. 

But not so invigorating is the mess food which is of the same quality and of course ‘taste’ in most of the halls. It becomes very important here to mention that the quality of food has improved to some extent in the Ladies Hostel. Going by the words of boarders now, there are more options to choose from. The quantity of food given is sufficient. The kitchen is also clean and hygienic. More serving counters are present to prevent over-crowding. But, water shortage in the mess is more acute compared to previous year, which is common to most halls, citing an example from the common mess of DBA and MSS where out of four active water coolers, which have debilitated to two and that too on the side of MSS. Surely this loophole leads to an indefinite feeling of debility. Talking specifically about the mess of Ladies Hostel, the condition is a bit better since the contract with the previous day canteen has been terminated. There were complaints regarding stale food and high prices. But, the new day canteen is yet to be functional.

Talking about the HB and VS Hall, their issues seem to be no less worrisome. With the increase in mess dues and appointing new caterers in the hall, one would hope for a better facility in the Homi Bhabha Hall of Residence. Team MM caught up with few HB Hall Boarders for a feedback on the new Mess facilities. The boarders had complaints with the lunch and Sunday meal. The complaint with the lunch is the lack of variety shown in the menu with one of the dishes being repeated almost every day. Sunday meal is generally the most awaited in every hall. However the meal in the hall seems to have received a straight rejection from the boarders of the hall. The boarders simply said that the Sunday Meal is just not up to the mark. VS Hall is no less in adding to the discomforts of the boarders. The problems such as water scarcity, wet floors in the washing areas, and inadequate utensils for mighty number of boarders are some of the problems which, we believe are worth mentioning.

Last but not the least on the list is the common mess in between MV & GDB hall of Residence, which is voted as the most satisfactory mess by the NITR Junta. Yet again, the problem of less number of utensils still persists. The condition of water shortage has been ruled out completely & hygiene is being maintained, atleast some sigh of relief for the freshmen. 

So, Team MM believes that keeping aside some basic facilities in most hostels, there is a very high scope for improvement.

The Night Canteen Woes

Venturing into shadows of the hall i.e. the night canteen, the timings (1700 hours to 0000 hours) which is common to all the hostels of which officials’ dictum to be productive, but is facing quite apprehensions from the students. The point of keeping the above timings is all but unclear and surely NOT a substitute to evening snacks. 

The situation of Night Canteen in DBA and MSS is much more drastic .The decision of swapping THE BEST with the night canteen of MSS is apprehensively unaccepted by the boarders. THE BEST truly served its purpose of acquainting students with the basic but indispensable stationary. This shifting is being regarded as a complete loss to boarders & limited timings are chains on the night life of budding engineers. 

The views that roll down the lanes of CVR is basically there are complaints regarding the food and the price of the items in the Night Canteen. The prices are significantly higher than the previous night canteen. The food is not that good, given that the prices have increased considerably leaving the boarders perturbed & dissatisfied. 

Amongst all the odds, the night canteen seems to be the life saver for the boarders of HB Hall as none of the boarders have any complaints with night canteen. Also the new person in the mess is very helpful and flexible with the time and ensures that any late coming students are also provided with food. Even hygiene is being well maintained from his side and seems to be no area of a problem. This has emerged as a sigh of relief to the ultimate misery in the life of people of HB Hall.

The Night Canteen of VS Hall has just started functioning, while it is yet to be operational in GDB & MV Halls of Residence, so the ground reality & prices will be revealed in the upcoming issues.  

The ultimate verdict that shines out, as per the majority opinion, is that the timings of night canteens should be extended to at least 02:00 a.m. in the night to serve its purpose. Though the changes have taken the students close to their comfort zone to some extent but as said, there is always a scope for improvement, which needs to follow suit.