Now you see me!

Of the innumerable evangelistic preaching that Arvind Kejriwal has given this country, there was that one prophecy that certainly appealed to almost all the citizens irrespective of their political inclinations. No. It is not the “Holier than Thou” ideology that I am talking about.

It is the fact that the citizens in a democracy need to be active participants in the decision making. They have the right to raise their voice and must have the guts to do so. Today the “branded Bhagoda” might have turned into a fallen idol but his rise in the political science books hasn’t been in vain.
It was a bright Thursday morning. I was enjoying my cup of tea under the banyan tree when I saw a group of students tearing off some flyers on the notice board. I took that as a regular effort to create some space for their own club’s orientation programmes. However, after a few minutes, my curiosity got the better of me and somehow, I dragged myself to the notice board to check out those flyers. And wasn’t I amazed. 

“National Institute of Culture? No money for technical education?”  No wonder. Someone had to let it out someday. After years of frustration and disappointment, someone had to vent out the anger. Strange way of expression under the mask of anonymity! But why not get behind the issue rather than brushing it aside? Why did the guy choose not to reveal his identity? And why was that random student tearing off the flyers? Later that day, I could not find another flyer on any notice board and could clearly understand the person behind this.
I had countless debates with my friends regarding this and whether this veil of anonymity was justified. I still believe that it is. And why shouldn’t it be? Why invite the wrath of his secretary friends and dozens of calls from SAC? Why ask for an untimely ISDC for defaming the institute and destroying the walls?
I decided to talk to one of the students whom I had seen tearing off the flyers. Surprisingly, he happens to be one of the Convenors of the present SAC executive body. He had a very interesting reason and perception behind this act of his. He feels that these flyers can hamper the image of the institute and he didn’t feel it was right for the parents to see such flyers at a time when they are here for the counselling procedure. Intriguing and smart! Ain’t it? He continued, “If the person who posted the flyer really wanted this issue to be addressed, he should have personally filed a complaint in SAC. I personally feel that the budget allocated for the technical society isn't enough.” [Sic]. The Convenor also said that the discussion with the dean was already on and he was assured that the budget might be increased, if there is a need to do so.
The situation at hand is much scarier than one can think of. People are petrified of revealing themselves and when things like this should have been conveyed by proper discussion they are being done by paper flyers. Has our democracy turned so scary? I leave this question to you guys.
But there is one silver lining in this entire episode. The last question in the flyer goes like this, “When will the NITR junta wake up?” My dear NITR Aam Aadmi! I think the junta just woke up. <wink>