Swachh NITR?

Cleanliness has raised umpteen concerns in India. According to the World Health Organization nearly 6,500 rupees per person was lost in India due to lack of cleanliness and hygiene. On the birth anniversary of the ‘father of our nation’, the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi exhorted people to fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s vision of a clean India. The wave hit our institute too and the revered director of NITR along with a squad of energetic and enthusiastic professors set out to clean the campus and contribute to the “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan”.

Invitations were sent around to students and professors from the director for the initiation event for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to be conducted on 2nd of October. To mark the event brooms were purchased for sweeping of and cleaning up the campus. The participants who gathered in the morning cleaned up the areas near the main gate, institute’s front gate as well as the NCC ground in order to present a cleaner and tidier NITR. Later, the director, professors along with other participants took the ceremonial oath of the day which echoed about building a cleaner India. Posters were showcased in order to create awareness among the general mass regarding cleanliness. This way even the slogan at DTS was enhanced and given justice which remains to be one of the mottos of the institute. 

But let’s have a look at the darker side of the whole story. As NITians what is our responsibility towards the dream of a clean Bharat? A week after the commencement of the swachh Bharat mission nothing really seems to have changed in the scholar residential quarter of the campus. Chips packets and beverage tetra-packs lay on the road side even though trash bins are just a few meters away. A more deplorable sight was that of a heap of litter lying beside a dustbin! Refraining from uncouthly littering of our surroundings is the only path that’ll lead us to a swachh bharat and until and unless we inculcate the habit of using public dustbins to dispose trash, a clean India will remain a mere vision.The aftermath of fests and parties is a filthy sight of trash all over the place, be it an inter college fest or a Hall party it’s the same story. While discarding waste what most of us think is one piece of trash won’t defame the ambience but what we forget is that hundred other people are thinking likewise. What does it really take to keep the ambience unsoiled? Carrying our chips packet to the nearest dustbin! Why are we so laid back when it comes to public cleanliness? Why doesn’t the muck irk us? Why do we have the ‘chalta hai’ attitude? When ‘educated’ and ‘cultured’ souls like us cannot spare a minute or two to walk to a nearby dustbin.