Because it’s “you” who can!

Being in a place where you get to compete with several people even to achieve tiniest of things, the only way to keep going with your efforts is to find daily inspirations. Undoubtedly, there are numerous such stories in and around the institute that can enthral a sense of motivation and team MM is always on sight to provide its readers such insights in the best possible way. However, there has to be a point where one has to think beyond the walls(or in this case the campus). The name we are to reveal is unknown to a few on this planet. It has to be, if that someone is a person who achieves something as imperial as the Noble Peace Prize at a tender age of 17. Yes. It’s Malala Yousafzai we’re talking about.

For those who heard the name for the first time, she has been working as a BBC blogger where she put up constant blogs about the lives of a school goer at Swat valley. Although deemed immensely dangerous in those days, Malala had the courage to post anonymously her daily trysts with education. At the age of 15 she was prey to an assassination attempt while boarding a bus, with three bullets being fired at her. The incident sparked widespread awareness of the dreary conditions of education at Pakistan, and elevated Malala to an unbeknownst level of popularity and solidarity for her cause. Being showered with awards of all sorts after the incident, she was deemed fit as the Youngest Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize Award this year.

For many of us, education has come easy and naturally, perhaps more as a burden and compulsion. After all the trials and tribulations of entrances examinations we find ourselves at nationally recognized institute, for which we should thank our lucky stars. But let us walk back, and think about those who haven’t been so fortunate. Be it the quintessential “Chhotu” at Hex, Jo’z or even our mess, when have we ever asked them something about their lives, their hopes, aspirations or their inspirations apart from the meagre requests for a jug of water? An inner fire, an inner motive force is all it takes to drive a man forward, and NIT does not possess a dearth of such students. All they require is a direction to move forward. 

Schemes like NSS have not achieved the true goal that they were meant to achieve, and let’s be honest, in our constant clamour to earn easy grades, we tend to forget the people who stand to gain from such initiatives. 

What the nomination of Malala has shown perhaps is the fact that the world does not frown upon the young and their radical ideas. For ideas are immortal, and always stand the test of time. We may sometimes feel immature to have a vision to change things around us, but there always lies a ray of light behind every dark cave and this has been clearly portrayed by the adolescent girl who stunned the world with her inspiring story. 

Anything that isn’t right around you can only take a turn towards betterment if you stand up for it with determination. If she can, so can you. For the famous saying goes

Be the change you want to see in this world.