Man on a Mission: Amiya Samantaray

He is a quiet guy, with a disarming smile and an unassuming nature. Armed with a brain full of ideas and a beautiful dream to pursue, Mr. Amiya Samantaray, an Electronics and Instrumentation grad from NIT Rourkela and now the CEO of his very own startup, he has made it his life’s mission to see his country produce world class electronics products.

With an aim to deliver quality, and an attitude to see his mission through at all costs Mr. Samantaray has started Phoenix Robotix, an electronics based startup to give an impetus to the potential electronics market and give opportunity for the talent at NITR to flourish.
Startups are the latest trend among the engineers. And why shouldn’t it be? After all, everyone wishes to reach to the pinnacle of their career. Owning your own company is every person’s dream. Yes, this is the dream! With the environment becoming increasingly conducive towards the startups, it is not hard to find investors who are willing to come forward and give your dream project the thrust it needs. Yet, we find very few people committed towards quality over profit, country over career and dreams over money. Mr. Samantaray, being a perfectionist to the core, believes in delivering products without compromising the quality.  Despite having lucrative job offers, which would make people turn red with envy, he chose the road not taken and here he is ready to launch his first product.

     I have always been very independent, preferring to take my own decisions, shaping my own future.

Growing up in an Indian middle class family, where financial security upon completion of education in the form of a job is the prime concern for the parents, beginning one’s own start-up is rare, to say the least. Despite facing opposition from all quarters initially, he has shown his grit and determination and is truly committed towards making India a powerhouse in electronics based industries. Phoenix Robotix, as the company was christened, is a dream coming true for him and his partners. Despite being a fledgling company, it has received assignments from many industries, willing to place their faith in this stalwart.  
His path was beset with difficulties, having very few examples for him to follow and even fewer people to guide him along the path that he had chosen. The greatest of them was the lack of knowledge about what indeed it was, that he was supposed to do to achieve this dream of his. He pursued online courses on management and economics, and battled all the naysayers around him. With his parents’ support and the conviction of a few friends and juniors he seems ready to take flight.
The vision of this company is to create smart cities of the future and bring about a revolution in the electronics scenario of the country. His first product is a weather station system which has currently been mandatory by the Government of India, thus creating a huge demand for the product which is mostly imported making it costly and unaffordable for smaller industries. In this crisis, Mr. Samantaray seems to have found his niche.
Not only this, he continues to work with Cyborg, of which he is an ex-president, to conduct workshops aimed at going that extra mile which other commercialized events are not ready to go.

     The summer workshop was a great success with very good reviews from all the quarters, some even drawing comparisons with the leader of all robotics workshops, Robosapiens.

He promises that he will find success and has decided to carry his family here at NITR, forward with him as his startup gains momentum. There is no doubt that this worthy son of the country and jewel at NITR is set to conquer territories uncharted and turn his dreams into reality.