And Thereby Hangs a Poll

He sat up, on the bed as soon as his roommate entered the room with his entire baggage. A morose expression on his face, acting as a complete foil to the joy of their neighbor, who was all over the corridor migrating from one room to the other. He and his roommate sighed off their moment as a fallen warrior, and began unloading the junk that will keep them going in the upcoming yearlong battle against all odds.

Tragedy being, lost in a corridor with a vast number of faces he saw probably for the first time his life, even though he wasn’t a freshman or what a few may call, a crawled up rabbit in a hole refusing to go out and live it’s life, not merely survive.
Monday Morning, decided to conduct polls, on the contentment of the NITRians in relation to the present system of hall allotments, giving the common NITRian a platform to voice their views and representing it to the others in the form of a colorfully resplendent pie-chart.  
Winning the polls with a whopping 63.8% of the votes polled, was the feeling of being lonely, in a completely unknown part of the institute without known faces, or with less known faces. A weird case was that even final years were pre-allotted rooms and blocks. Final year. Reason enough to be given the freedom to choose their blocks and rooms. Due to FCFS (first come first serve) algorithm being followed in room-allotments without being given preference to pre-finals over sophomores, commencing the process, that too 3-4 days earlier than 20th July. Thus, the pre-finals fell victim to this process and cried foul. Sadly, no one played the Good Samaritan referee. They have resigned to their fate now, coping with whatever has been placed their way. Adjustment is the order of the day for them now. After all, the world hasn’t ended for them. Another instance of taking life with a pinch of salt.

In a rare turn of events, a 19.7% of the votes polled suggested a contentment with whatever has taken place as their rooms were adjacent to those of their branch mates, thereby reinstating their so-called belief that they will be able to study better, satisfying their quench for their target CGPA, and connect more with their branch mates. Incredible logic floating around, deserving a 21 gun salute:-
A group that stays together, scores higher together”.

The last bunch of votes came from diplomats and survivors. Whatever difficulty beset their path, they will adjust their lives according to it. They will adapt to whatever life throws at them, without complaining. Keeping calm and moving on being their ultimate approach to life. Whether this arose from a heavy heart or out of a feeling of helplessness or a blooming self-pride, we can only speculate. It’s always heartening to witness such survivor traits among the young, hormonal turks of the nation. So what if their “besties” are a hall away, or two floors apart?
One for all, all for one, till death do them apart.

A poll of mixed reaction with disappointment ruling the roost. The rest keeping calm, having faith in the universal age-old adage, “This too shall pass”.
That is how the first poll hangs, revealing what the NITR junta wishes to convey, on the very first, most relevant issue bothering every student back from the long, pampered summer at home-sweet-homes. Polls, where we hoist your voice, making sure it’s heard. Effectively.